Banana Soft Serve Recipe

banana soft serve recipe
Only frozen bananas are needed to create this faux ice cream, which is creamy, soft, and so delicious. The add-ins and toppings for this nutritious dessert are unlimited.


  • bananawhip

    This is absolutely phenomenal with a bit of peanut butter or nutella! You can also add either strawberries or raspberries if you want a fruitier version

  • Angela

    Quite possibly the easiest and yummiest thing to do with bananas that may go old if not eaten immediately. Kids thought I did something extra difficult to get it so yummy, and my bananas weren’t wasted. Added a couple strawberries as suggested and it was delicious!

  • evelyn

    it does not work for me …Help

  • Julia Corina Frei

    ummm yumi!!!! Thanks for the recipe

  • pam

    Can I make this with my wildside jar?. I can’t afford to purchase all the jars.

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