Frequently Asked Questions


Care and Maintenance

What's the best way to clean my jar?

How do I maximize the life of my jar?

How hot can the contents of the jar be?

How much can the jars hold?


Why doesn't Blendtec make a glass jar?

How does the dull blade blend?

How do I load my jar properly?

What are the differences between the FourSide and WildSide+ jars?

Why is my jar cloudy?

How do I get the stain out of my jar?

Blenders & Cycles


What makes Blendtec blenders the best?

Choosing a Model

Which model is best for making nut butters?

Which model is best for making ice cream?

Which model is best for grinding grains, legumes, and beans?

Which model is best for kneading dough?

Which model is best for juicing whole foods?


Does the blender grind wheat and grains?

Can you make soup in a Blendtec blender?

What are the ascending numbers on the home screen of my blender?

I don't have all the blend cycles that are mentioned in recipes. What should I do instead?

Are Blendtec blenders made in the USA?

Care and Maintenance

What's the best way to clean my blender base?

Customer Service & Warranty


Why does the blade keep spinning, but nothing is moving around?

What information do I need when I call customer service?

My blender (or jar) isn't working. What should I do?

I don't live in the United States. Where can I buy a blender?

I live in a country that has 220 electric voltage. Do you have compatible models online?

What countries do you ship to?

Who takes care of warranty work? Blendtec or the store where I bought it?

I bought my blender used from someone else. Is it still under warranty?

My blender box says it has a 10-year warranty. Is that correct?

Is my jar included in the warranty?

Does this warranty apply to blenders purchased outside of the US?

I purchased my blender in the US, but moved out of the country. Is my blender still covered?

Are blenders still under warranty for foreign service personnel?

I have a residential blender, but I use it in my business. Does the warranty still apply?

Where can I find the warranty on commercial products?


I'm getting an error code. What does it mean?