Since 1975, Blendtec has been creating powerful and efficient small kitchen appliances. Along the way we’ve managed to create some amazing products, a worldwide brand, and the best viral marketing campaign ever. We pride ourselves in our US manufactured products that make people’s lives better. Apply to be a part of the movement we’ve created in the high power blending world.

Program Highlights

  • You can earn an 8% commission through our affiliate program
  • A 45-day cookie duration, which gives you 45 days after the click to receive credit for sales.
  • Access to official banners, text links, and our datafeed.
  • Be successful with a dedicated program management team to help anwer questions you may have.
  • Monthly newsletters that keep you informed of the latest Blendtec news and promotions while providing tips to increase your sales.
  • Customize with build-your-own link functionality.
  • Most important, it is FREE! You'll make money and it adds value to your site and will ultimately increase traffic.


Q: How often will I get paid?

A: Commission fees are paid on a monthly basis through AvantLink.


Q: How do I earn commissions with

A: Every time someone visiting your website clicks a Blendtec banner or affiliate link, they will be redirected to If they purchase something on, a percentage of the purchase price will come back to you through our affiliate network.


Q: How do I earn a CPC with

A: If we are unable to set you up on a commission rate, we'll carefully determine your CPC rate. If you are selected to work with us on a CPC rate, we will pay a rate for approved clicks. You will still be paid out on a monthly basis.


Q: Can I earn commission from individual Blendtec products on my website?

A: Yes, AvantLink has several tools that help to easily promote individual products on your website. Affiliates also have the ability to subscribe to the Blendtec catalog through a data feed which is updated daily. You can use these tools to send customers directly to a product on


Q: Can I take orders on my site?

A: No. In order to ensure products are fulfilled, shipped, and tracked properly, Blendtec handles all order fulfillment. We take care of the order, customer service and fulfillment so you can focus on your website and traffic.


Q: Do you have online reporting?

A: Yes. Once you have been accepted into the program, you will be given access to AvantLink's tracking and reporting interface. You will be able to view your earnings and traffic reports on a daily basis and track your overall performance.


Q: What kinds of promotions does Blendtec have that I can put up on my site?

A: Blendtec offers free shipping, % off product, and sale promotions year round.


Q: What should I do first?

A: Take a look at the affiliate program page at AvantLink and then apply to the program. At that point, your application will be reviewed. Once you are in the program, you will be able to start promoting Blendtec in a variety of ways!