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Thank you for your interest in the Blendtec® Authorized Retail Dealer Program. Please read through the following FAQs before filling out an application. If you have further questions about our program please Contact Us


What is Blendtec looking for in a Blendtec Authorized Retail Dealer?

We are interested in partnering with businesses that will help us meet the needs of our market by communicating the quality and value of the Blendtec brand.


What if I can't meet the minimum purchase requirements?

Blendtec has other reseller options for companies that don't feel they can meet the minimum purchase requirements. Please see our web affiliate program or contact us for other options


Who can Retail Dealers sell Blendtec products to?

Authorized Retail Dealers may sell to home-use consumers (end users) in the United States only.


Can I sell Blendtec products outside the country in which I was authorized to sell?

No. It is very important that Blendtec Retail Dealers operate and sell only within the country in which they were approved. This is due to exchange rates, country-specific pricing, and product repair coverage.


Does Blendtec offer any opening order incentives?

Yes, please contact your Blendtec representative to find out what incentives are available to you.


What products can I sell as a Blendtec authorized retail dealer?

  • Designer Series Blender (In Multiple Jar Package) in Black, Red, and Cream
  • Designer Series Blender (WildSide / Twister Package in Stainless Steel)
  • Signature Series Blender (WildSide Package) Black
  • Professional Series® Blender
  • Mix n Blend II®
  • Kitchen Mill®
  • Jars, Parts and Accessories


What is expected of a Blendtec Authorized Retail Dealer?

We expect Authorized Residential Dealers to abide by our Retail Dealer Distribution Agreement and meet an annual order total of at least 24 units. Blendtec requires Retail Dealers to place an initial order of at least $3,000. As an ambassador of the Blendtec brand, we expect that you will uphold the value and integrity of our products.


Why does Blendtec require an initial order of $3,000?

The initial order is required to show your commitment to aggressively promoting Blendtec products.


Does Blendtec have minimum advertised pricing (MAP)?

Yes, we have MAP. All Blendtec Authorized Retail Dealers sign and agree to abide by the Blendtec Retail Dealer Distribution Agreement and MAP Policy. Blendtec reserves the right to terminate any and all business relationships with companies who violate this agreement.


How are shipping costs determined?

For orders that do not meet the requirements of our free shipping incentive, costs are charged per item, to be determined by weight.


Does Blendtec offer free shipping?

Blendtec offers free shipping only in the United States on any orders totaling $3,000 or more and shipped to one location.


When will my order ship?

While we ship orders as quickly as possible, we ask that you allow 2 weeks for stocking orders to be produced and shipped. Our average ship time for drop ship orders is approximately 2-3 business days, depending on the size of the order.


Does Blendtec allow the use of third-party accounts?

Third-party shipping requests will be handled on a case-by-case basis. If we choose to allow it, you will be charged a small handling fee to use a third-party account number.


How do I become a Blendtec authorized retail dealer?

To become an Authorized Retail Dealer, simply contact a Blendtec Representative at retail-sales@blendtec.com and request an application.


Who is eligible to become a Blendtec Authorized Retail Dealer?

The Blendtec Authorized Retail Dealer Program is designed for high-volume purchasers that can commit to an annual order of at least 24 units. Such purchasers must also have their own storefronts (brick/mortar or online) and are not permitted to sell Blendtec blenders on third-party channels, such as Amazon.com and Ebay.com.