Almond Milk Recipe

almond milk recipe
Almond milk is great for cereals, desserts, and savory-sweet dishes. Almonds are an alkaline nut, and one serving provides ⅓ of your daily dose of vitamin E.


  • Linda925

    You can soak almonds in boiling hot water – the almond skin will come off a lot easier this way and almost no need to strain the mixture.

  • kathy

    can’t wait to try this!! I’ve made almond milk before, but it was ‘grainy’ as the almonds did not blend well. that was BB (before Blendtec)

  • Judy

    Why soak them?

  • Dj2trees

    So do you still soak them for 12 hr or more? What is your process? It would be nice to not have to strain it.

  • Skuritz

    Then do you just put the skins and almonds into the blendtec?? I am a new Blendtec user/. Hope I don’t sound to dumb!! HAHa

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