Healthy Start Smoothie Recipe

healthy start smoothie recipe
Get a jumpstart on your New Year's Resolutions with this satisfying, healthy smoothie.


  • Scott Patterson

    Need to bring down the sugar content just a bit, but that shouldn’t be hard with some simple tweaking of fruit.

  • Kristen Devries

    I would just use the mango and then use berries instead of the pineapple. They have the lowest glycemic index of all fruit. Most of the sugar is coming from that pineapple. And I use liquid stevia for the sweetener. And definitely leave in the kale…or use spinach for a milder taste and work your way up to kale!

  • Russ W

    The agave is a really bad idea if you want to call this healthy. It is worse than high fructuse corn syrup.

  • Chris DeCarlo

    The cottage cheese is a deal breaker for me and the excess sugar from fruit. Must modify this one.

  • Radu C

    I use 1/2 scoop of protein powder instead of cottage cheese, 1/2 banana only, skip the pineapple, and I add some walnuts.

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