Healthy Start Smoothie Recipe

healthy start smoothie recipe
Get a jumpstart on your New Year's Resolutions with this satisfying, healthy smoothie.


  • Esther

    Wow. Not sure why a lot of the comments are scared to death of carbs. If you have diabetes, that’s understandable but if not, there’s no reason to lower the fruit content. Carbs give you energy. This smoothie would be ideal without the animal product (dairy). Some organic soy milk or almond milk would be nice. An extra banana or a couple dates would be better that agave which is actually worse for your blood sugar. You guys should check out Nutrition Facts .org. Lots of helpful info/studies on fruit and how it effects your blood sugar.

  • Stephen E. Saunders

    I wonder what the ideal green smoothie would be for a pre-diabetic who needs to control carbs and tends to be less active in the winter?

  • Terra

    This smoothie needs more protien and is a great breakfast for a active teen or a fit active adult.

  • Diamond703

    This is the 5th recipe I’ve made in my new Blendtec and it was very good. I used "KALETTES" a hybrid of Kale and Brussels Sprouts. The smoothie didn’t come out green though, but that was fine with me. Added a little piece of ginger, so my 8 year old son wouldn’t say it smelled bad. I could taste every ingredient and smell the ginger and kalette.

  • Nutz In Ya Mowf

    I use unsweetened soymilk or almond milk instead of the water. Not a problem with blending with Kale. Adds a bit more protein to my smoothie.

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