Healthy Start Smoothie Recipe

healthy start smoothie recipe
Get a jumpstart on your New Year's Resolutions with this satisfying, healthy smoothie.


  • Jazzi Jai

    I added double the amount of greens added a few baby carrots and no agave as the fruit has enough sugar … I also use frozen fruit to omit the ice.. The rule of thumb for smoothies are 2 parts veggie for 1 part of fruit.. Follow this formula and you will be ok… Me variations was very good. Kale is nothing but greatness and blends very well …?

  • dee

    Sorry, it sounds so good but way, way, way to much sugar/carbs to start out the New Year :-)

  • LALS2B

    I found this great smoothy listed under Cardiovascular Health.on another page from Blendtec. I have been reading about grain for that purpose, and whole oats often come up, but I think Hulless Barley may be even better. I’m really trying to lower LDL, raise HDL (etc), so going for the top score foods in that area if possible. If you agree with my idea, do you think I should use raw or cook it first? P.S, I am referring to the Healthy Start Smoothie.

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