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7 Superfoods for Your Health

Posted by Blendtec on

7 superfoods for your health

Were you under the assumption that a superfood is some type of strange and foreign melon from an exotic, far-off country? If so, I'm happy to inform you that superfoods come in many shapes and varieties, and some of these foods are probably in your kitchen right now!

Check out our list of delicious superfoods with phenomenal health benefits and tasty appeal. We've even included a super-easy smoothie recipe packed with these superfoods. Even more, this recipe is practically guaranteed to make your taste buds do a little happy dance. Enjoy!


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  • Nice post. Keep it up.

    fras on

  • 89; http://www.blendtec.com/recipes/jolly-green-smoothie

    Kelli Farley on

  • How many calories in this smoothie?

    Brianna on

  • These pics are amazing.

    tablet fiyatları on

  • When you mix greens (spinach) and reds (strawberries/raspberries), it can sometimes cause the smoothie to turn brown. The ripeness of the spinach and red fruits can play a part in this.

    Kelli Farley on

  • Except for using regulars cow’s milk instead of the almond milk, I followed your instructions. Wondering why my smoothie came out brown instead of green…?

    Maranda on

  • Is this recipe 1 serving? I found it to be more than I could drink at a time and I didn’t even have the full amount of spinach the recipe called for. Even my picky child tried and liked it! Thanks for sharing. I substituted the almond milk for filtered water, since most nuts bother me.

    Alicia on

  • This recipe makes approximately 5 servings; 8 ounces each.

    Kelli Farley on

  • Regular cow’s milk should work fine.

    Kelli Farley on

  • You will use 1/2-3/4 cup of yogurt in place of 1 banana.

    Kelli Farley on

  • Hi Kelli, This smoothie looks really good, you mentioned that you can replace the banana with plain or vanilla yogurt, but how much do you replace it with, 1/2 cup?

    Anna on

  • Hi Sarah,
    You can add a plain or vanilla flavored yogurt in place of the banana.

    Kelli Farley on

  • Hi, I am just wondering what can replace the banana’s in this smoothie as I have an allergy to them, but very interested in trying!

    Sarah on

  • Hi Kelli, I’d love to try this but I have a tree nut allergy. Can you suggest a replacement for the almond milk?

    Corina on

  • Hi April,
    This smoothie recipe was specifically made for the capacity of a Blendtec, but I’m sure other blenders can blend it just as well. I would suggest cutting the recipe in half if you are not using a more powerful blender, like a Blendtec.

    Kelli Farley on

  • I am interested in trying this smoothie. Is a blender sufficient to mix these ingredients or do I need a juicer? It seems as though spinach leaves would not chop up/blend well into this mixture without being lumpy.
    Any tips?

    April on

  • 24 hours.

    Kelli Farley on

  • You could use another green, like lettuce or kale; however, spinach has a much milder taste. You could also just leave the spinach out.

    Kelli Farley on

  • Can I replace spinach with something else?

    Daniel Espinoza on

  • It’s best if you consume it within 24 hours.

    Kelli Farley on

  • Almond milk is arguably one of the best milks for the human body – in more ways than one.

    Completely beats out cow milk, soy milk, & rice milk.

    Ahh the power of superfoods. Love them.

    SuperfoodGuy on

  • How long can this be refrigerated for?

    Bob on

  • Can you keep this recipe or does in need to be made fresh each time?

    Elizabeth on

  • The c stands for cup(s).

    Kelli Farley on

  • what is c in 3 c spinach or 2 c ice or 1/2 c rasberries?

    manan on

  • This recipe has 89 calories.

    Kelli Farley on

  • What is the calorie count please?

    Pam on

  • Agave nectar is a great option to use in place of honey.

    Kelli Farley on

  • As a vegan, I’m wondering if there is a plant product you would recommend to replace the honey?

    Lauren on

  • This recipe makes 5 servings.

    Kelli Farley on

  • It makes a lot, does the whole recipe count at just one serving?

    Amanda Jennifer Storch on

  • I Love the Info thank you !
    Almost every day I have a Smoothie in the Morning but I never tried with Spinach
    Very good Information I am really trying to eat as Healthy as I can so it is very helpful
    to have this Information handy.

    Maria on

  • Thanks for the great information

    Jay on

  • Both delicious and healthy diet.

    Suheir on

  • You can lose stomach fat and body fat including these super foods in your diet. If you eat 150 calories every two hours and exercise 30-45 minutes walking, running or any other cardiovascular exercise, you’ll notice quick results.

    Elaine on

  • Yes it can.

    Kelli Farley on

  • Can frozen fruit be used instead of the ice?

    Farm girl on

  • Loving the first recipe thank you

    james cox on

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