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weight loss green smoothie recipe

Weight Loss Green Smoothie Recipe

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Kick-start your morning with this filling, tasty smoothie. It provides lots of essential nutrients without the calories.

Total time:  40 S
Servings:  1
Calories:  260


  • 6 fl. oz. unsweetened almond milk
  • 1/3 banana
  • 1/2 cup pineapple fresh or frozen
  • 1 tbsp. almond or peanut butter
  • 1 tsp. ground cinnamon
  • 2 cups spinach packed
  • 1 cup ice cubes
  • 2 Medjool dates pitted

Nutritional Information

  • Serving Size: 20 fl. oz.
  • Fat: 10g
  • Saturated Fat: 0g
  • Cholesterol: 0mg
  • Sodium: 315mg
  • Carbohydrates: 40g
  • Fiber: 8g
  • Sugar: 23g
  • Protein: 7g


  1. Add ingredients to FourSide or WildSide+ jar in order listed and secure lid.
  2. Select "Smoothie" and enjoy.

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  • The calorie and carb counts on this recipe appear to be too low for the ingredients listed.

    LadyVagabond on

  • Would like to see a little higher protein to carb ratio, and a little less sugar. Bad spike for those sensitive to glucose.

    Cecjr3 on

  • has anyone tried this using frozen strawberries or blueberries? will that increase calories and/or sugar?

    Giant OCR on

  • How can there be only 5g of carbs if there are 23g of sugar and 8g of fiber? I’m confused.

    MagicalBeans on

  • How can there be 23g of sugar and 8g of fiber with their only being 5g of carbs? I am confused.

    MagicalBeans on

  • That’s a lot of sugar and not a lot of protein for a "weight loss" shake

    Dustin on

  • How is there only 5g of carbs in here? A half cup of pineapple would have ten alone (eight net).Not to mention the banana and the almond/peanut butter,

    Mitch on

  • Sounds great! I have a different variation where I substitute the spinach for kale (more vitamin dense) and add 1/8 avocado (to make creamier), and 1 tbsp chia seed to keep me feeling fuller, longer.

    Tacoma Steve on

  • I believe the 23 g is in 20 fl oz. Would you be drinking that much ?

    Guest on

  • WOW!! My daily allowance of sugar is 24 gr. and this is a whopping 23 gr.

    Lynn Mott on

  • Substituting berries for the banana and pineapple will cut down on the sugar grams.

    mzjwadi on

  • There are a lot worse ways to spend your sugar allowance.

    Dan on

  • Yah Lynn. Jeeze.

    Birtha on

  • Not all sugars are equal. Natural frutose is much different than sucrose(table sugar)…

    Reggie on

  • Omit the dates!

    AdoptaDog! on

  • Yes and that is something else I have to watch out for.

    Lynn Mott on

  • This sounds delicious. However there would be 28 carbs in this drink, since sugar is also carbs—unfortunately not for diabetics. ;(

    Eribeli on

  • Although "natural" sugar..still sugar. Go with the 5 (veg) to 1 (fruit) for a heathier meal.

    cheri on

  • You could easily modify this without the dates, and use a low GI fruit like blue berries instead of pineapple.

    Phil on

  • Try using Truvia. It cuts down on the sugar amount and yet it tastes great and has no aftertaste.

    tr9952 on

  • It is impossible for carbohydrates to be 5 grams and sugar to be 23 grams. Sugar grams essentially are a subset of carbs, as are the 8 grams of fiber. There are at least 31 grams of carbohydrates in this recipe (from the fiber plus the sugars), not 5 grams.
    All that said, it is not all that bad a "weight loss" smoothie, since the fat and protein (due to the nut butter and almond milk) are significant and would make this smoothie more filling than most higher-carb smoothies. It just is not as low as 5 carbs.

    Mike on

  • If you drink this in the morning, and then go about your day, those 23 grams of sugar are honestly—negligible. If you want, amend the recipe. I’d take out the pineapple. I’m not sure how that would taste with dates anyway haha. That’s about 9 grams of sugar cut out there. Though I’d see how to add protein into this shake to make it even MORE substantial.

    Emily on

  • what can I give to my son for his diet.his 14 year old and his Dr said hi need to
    get in diet because hi little fat in that blod tell me please what tipe of juice can I make for him.

    Blancaguadron on

  • The carbs are not right, sorry. 1 date has 5g of carbs. Sure beat frosted flakes though :)

    AJ on

  • what type of healthy shake can I do at night?

    blanca on

  • The daily allowance of sugar should be for added sugar – like table sugar – NOT natural sugar. Not all "sugar" is created equal folks.

    Maureen on

  • Drop the banana and use only one date. Use a couple of drops of liquid stevia to sweeten. Or alternatively drop the pineapple and use stevia instead. There are ways to lower the sugar content without sacrificing too much taste.

    Hot Yogi on

  • My green drinks or smoothies are 700 to 800 calories and about 40 oz. high carb, low fat, low protein. This drink here would be like an appetizer, I’d replace the almond milk with organic fruit juice and leave out the nut butter and times 3 everything (except the spinach and cinnamon) for a decent meal.

    Miles Hennis on

  • You would do your body a much better favor if you add the nut butter, add the protein and fat and drop all that fruit. It would last you a lot longer than that being an appetizer and you would not spike your blood sugar and push yourself into diabetes.

    Mojka Renaud on

  • If I was using it as a meal like breaky or lunch then yes I’d drink that much.

    Lynn Mott on

  • I think this is design for weight loss so you wouldn’t want to add a lot of calories

    Mae on

  • Replace the pineapple with avocado and remove the dates.

    Steven Pundt on

  • I’m on a 1200 calorie daily intake and am 68 so I would not be having the LARGE drink like you.

    Lynn Mott on

  • Low carb high fiber and decent amount of protein – can’t wait!! Also loving that the sugar is all natural sugar instead of added!

    Angelina Davis on

  • I make smoothies like this all the time and lose weight. This is a great combo with all natural sugars and mostly simple carbs with some good fiber. Delicious! Thanks for sharing!

    Diann R. on

  • Use pure stevia instead of Truvia…no calories and way better for you!

    Patti Moore on

  • 23 grams of sugar??? How can this be even slightly construed as healthy? and the carbohydrates are supposed to include the sugar and fiber also. I swear you guys make up the worse blender receipes you can!

    Patti Moore on

  • My breakfast smoothie has many similarities….I use almond milk, banana, almond butter, spinach, unsweetened cocoa powder, agave nectar, avocado and carrots…YUMMY and keeps me full until lunchtime :)

    Anita on

  • It’s not possible to have 23g of sugar and only 5g of carbs. If the calories, fat, and protein are correct, the carbohydrates would be 35g.

    ode2 on

  • There are no calories in Truvia, and I prefer the consistency. It’s more granular, like sugar, and pure Stevia is like a crushed powder. It’s okay for smoothies, but icky when you’re eating it on fruit, or cereal.

    tr9952 on

  • I’m just now getting into smoothies. Your ingredients sound great. Can you give me more of a recipe, such as amounts you use? Thanks.

    Andrews89 on

  • Just tried this today. I liked it a lot better than the Green Smoothie
    Dr. Oz endorses. Hope it does help with weight management.

    Rebecca Brandis on

  • The naturally occuring sugars in fruit have almost no resemblance to processed sugars in packaged foods. Unless you are diabetic or morbidly obese and are on special diets, you should eat a variety of fruit every day. The only qualm I have with this recipe is the peanut butter, if processed.

    Dale Husar on

  • This nutrition info cannot be correct. Sugar is a carbohydrate. This can’t have 5g of carbs and 23g of sugar. Fiber is a carbohydrate too.

    SmoothieGrrl on

  • Fruit is naturally high in sugar (Fructose). It looks like all the sugar grams in this recipe are coming form the fruit. Are you suggesting that any recipe with fruit should not be construed as healthy?

    thrawnie on

  • Please understand that the difference between all natural sugar and processed sugar is NONE. You body views sugar in the same way, insulin is produced to shuttle it away and unless your very active it gets turned into fat and stored. There is no way that this is a "weight loss" smoothie. Great blender, but old dogma recipe’s which are not all healthy.

    closetsoapboxer on

  • I’ve been drinking smoothies like this one for a little over a year now as my breakfast. I’ve lost a little over 115lb. Now, having said that. I didn’t just go to green smoothies for breakfast, I changed my whole nutrition plan. And it helps that I Cycle about 200 miles a week, and run 15 to 20 miles a week. Add Yoga and strength on top of that, Ya…I have to have the sugar and carbs to burn for fuel. This is not a smoothie for the sedentary or lightly active person. So ya, the only way I would consider this a "weight loss" smoothie is if it’s used as fuel for the moderate to very active person.

    Jerry on

  • Truvia is not pure, it is made in a plant like regular sugar. Pure Stevia is the way to go if you are trying to be natural.

    Amy on

  • I find it extremely disheartening that people are so negative writing these reviews. Blentec is not YOUR personal nutritionist and therefore writes recipes for people with wildly different nutrition needs! If there is too much sugar in it, leave out the fruit, or just DON’T MAKE THE RECIPE. Constructive and helpful criticism is a wonderful thing but just bashing a recipe because it has fruit it in is just ignorant. This recipe is a fantastic way to get a very picky five year old the vitamins she needs.

    Caroh on

  • First green smoothie I have tried. Very impressed. Been trying to get in my 5 fruits and veggies/day and this takes care of 3 1st thing in the morning :)

    Brenda Mofford on

  • Negative? Seriously – someone is trying to correct what they see as an error. Actually, I think the person may be wrong because even though carbs and sugar are essentially "carbs", they are shown separately in this recipe and therefore I believe it is correct as shown. But if you’re watching your caloric intake or are perhaps a diabetic – this is something to which you should pay attention. I appreciated that someone took the time to think about this – even though I may disagree with the conclusion.

    Jody on

  • You anti sugar weirdos need to shut up and read some real science on the matter.

    TruthHammer on

  • Delicious. Rarely have dates in the house so I leave them out. Healthy start to my day

    Ray on

  • Awesome thanks! Trying to get in shape for the summer. Here is another green drink recipe I’ve tried that is really tasty – http://www.ivlproducts.com/…

    JessSunflower on

  • Keep it up! My mom has been struggling with weight loss. She lost almost 200 lbs but has lost her motivation once the losing slowed down. Now has gained 50 lbs back. But she has problems with her knees and a bone in her foot is broken. So a lot of activities are out of the question. Any ideas on how I could help motivate her?

    Tina on

  • I have an allergy to almonds. Does anyone know if regular milk or soy milk will work in place of the almond milk?

    Greywolf on

  • Yes you can replace the almond milk with soy milk or regular milk will just change carbs and sugar amounts I believe.

    Choctawmom7 on

  • Well that was different! Made this to the letter and wow the poor machine nearly jumped off the table. Had to add wayyyy more almond milk to get it to blend. Is this unusual?

    Christine on

  • Drinking this now…yum! Reminds me of a blended Chai latte.

    Mjlilo on

  • Hi Christine,
    If you used frozen pineapple, you will most likely need to add more liquid and taking out the ice will help.

    Did the machine stop moving once you added more liquid?

    Blendtec on

  • Natural sugars are more likely to contain fiber which reduces the effective carbs.

    Jrs2000 on

  • Yes it stopped twice until the right amount of liquid was added. Next time when I use frozen fruit, more liquid, no ice.

    Christine on

  • Don’t need to use peanut butter. You can use almond. Besides, some people don’t like almond butter. This recipe gives you a choice so you can add protein in your diet

    Donna on

  • You could try mangoes, peaches, cantaloupe or honeydew. Let us know what you try and how it turns out!

    Blendtec on

  • I am allergic to pineapple, any suggestions on a substitute?

    TracyB on

  • Why would you replace the almond milk with sugar-laden "organic" fruit juice?

    Jim Davis on

  • Electric cattle prod.

    Jim Davis on

  • Tazgirl125…. Carat You are so right and you must remember natural carbs verses refined are totally different…. Your body knows what to do with natural….I have lost just over 125lb and last March injured my back and lack of ability to exercise as I was used to doing made me gain some back. I had surgery the day before Christmas and am on my road to recovery. I try to stay in the range of 5-10 refined or unnatural carbs a day but can have up to 30 natural carbs.This was a total lifestyle change….NOT a diet….I found myself slipping here and there until I got a like blendtec blender. I knew I must do something I still have 75 to loose and sincerely hope by the end of 2015 I can do it. Good luck all I hope this might help you.

    tazgirl125 on

  • It seemed like a good idea back then. When my teeth started falling out I had to rethink things. I no longer eat sugar or carbs for that matter (except for green veggies). Mostly fat and protein, my health has improved immensely as well as my waist line.

    Miles Hennis on

  • I had a great suggestion with lots of likes, but some humorless admin deleted it!

    Jim Davis on

  • I use frozen strawberries and frozen blueberries and a half of banana. I have them all measured out in a baggie and place them in the freezer so in the morning I just put in my almond milk, power greens, flax seed and frozen fruit. makes things much easier when in hurry.( I also sprinkle a little stevia)

    bing on

  • Delicious!!!! I used PB2 (found at target – 85% less fat than peanut butter) instead and the dates were a sweet added flavor!!! I love my Blendtec and use it everyday!!! I loved the color too! I enjoy seeing all the wonderful recipes I can make with my new toy!

    sari on

  • For the average sedentary person who does not exercise? No, excess fruit is not healthy for sedentary individuals, as it raises insulin in the body and gets stored as bodyfat very easily. Sedentary people should focus on green leafy vegetables, that don’t spike insulin, and don’t contain large amounts of fructose.

    Tuco Ramirez on

  • That’s only partly true. Fiber only affects the body’s insulin response and the rate in which the food is digested. Reducing effect carbs is not effective with high fructose (fruit sugars) carb sources such as fruit. It’s effective with fibrous carbs such those in the green leafy veggie category (Spinach, Broccoli, etc)

    Tuco Ramirez on

  • The smoothie as described is absolutely NOT low carb. Sugar is a form of carbohydrate, and this recipe has has 28gms of sugar.

    Tuco Ramirez on

  • I made a few alternates because I didn’t have any spinach handy or pineapple and i hate dates but I loved my mix and it had a few things to bring the sugar content down, I subbed pineapple with cantelope, used spring mix organic greens (lol the only organic thing I buy other than almond milk), subbed the dates with about two teaspoons-ish of honey. Tasted fantastic. Had a peanutbuttery cinnamony taste with hints of cantelope. Beats the fruit "smoothies" in the grocery store out of the water for a fraction of a cost.

    laura! on

  • Allergic to almonds…what can I substitute for it?

    Cathy on

  • Completely agree. If you gave away $100 bills on a street corner, some people would complain that you didn’t bring any twenties.

    Richard Gray on

  • Fructose is a natural sugar found in fruit and can be made into a commercial sweetener from corn. Sucrose (table sugar) is composed of one molecule of glucose and one molecule of fructose. Honey and 100% maple syrup are high (60%+) in fructose. Fructose is handled by the body in a different manner than glucose as it is metabolized directly through the liver first; meaning it has a lower glycemic index because it does not trigger insulin like glucose. As a result, blood sugar levels do not rise as rapidly after fructose consumption compared to other sugars. However, over-consumption of any type of sugar is not good for the body. Excessive amounts of fructose have been linked to raising bad cholesterol, raising uric acid levels in the blood and can cause gastrointestinal problems in some people. Excessive amounts of glucose can, over time cause insulin resistance and possibly diabetes.

    mohoosier on

  • This was yummy. I have difficulty with my dates not blending all the way so I recommend blending them up with only a part of the ingredients and then adding the rest in.

    Sarah on

  • So true.

    Theresa Briscoe on

  • This recipe doesn’t have any dairy in it so it should work for you! :)

    Blendtec on

  • Can you give me a weight loss drink that doesn’t use dairy. I can do anything dairy. Thanks

    Catherine Smith on

  • love it!

    Dawn on

  • Exactly! Be bold and substitute things here and there.

    Theresa Daniels on

  • The body handles processed and refined sugars differently than it does natural, unaltered sugars. If I were to have a tablespoon of pasteurized orange juice, its absorption would be different than if I had a few oranges (or unpasteurized OJ) :)

    SophNJ on

  • Sounds delish, but the for the counters (like me) the carbs are off. According to my bag of dates, 1 date has 5g of carbs. When I entered this into my Sparkpeople nutrition tracker the shake had 35g of carbs. Also, adding a bit more protein would make this more balanced, like soy or whey. Thanks!

    April on

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