Miami Vice Drink Smoothie

Miami Vice Drink Smoothie-Blendtec
This Miami Vice drink Inspired smoothie lets you enjoy the flavors of the tropical cocktail, delivering hints of Pina Colada and a Strawberry Daiquiri without the alcohol or drink mixes.


  • Ruth Marz

    Isn’t it possible to get recipes in french?

  • unterderlaterne

    Another sugar laden drink ! Not healthy at all.
    Thanks Blendtec for erasing my previous comments ! I guess this one will not be published either .

  • Abigail Sawyer

    If you’re worried about it you could, oh I don’t know, leave it out…
    Or use less, or use a different natural sweetener. Not that hard.

  • Corbin

    This sounds amazing, thank you so much for posting this :)

  • Dave

    I think you don’t quite understand the nature of sugar…sugar in fruits is a good thing when accompanied with fiber (smoothies) as your body assimilates it slower and its converted to a cleaner energy. Fruit juices that separates all the fiber is giving the sugar straight to the body which increases insulin etc. honey isn’t necessarily bad if you eat it in smaller doses. But there is lots of sugar in honey and not the fiber but there are health benefits to honey too.

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