Garden Green Giant Juice Recipe

garden green giant juice recipe
This fresh green drink - made with nutrient-packed veggies - has a slight undertone of lemon and ginger. Adjust the amount of lemon and ginger according to your preferences.


  • Calgaryblender

    Did you calculate using a half avocado? When I did it came close to 130 calories depending on size. The calories for the other ingredients are negligible. I like this with lime juice and no ginger.

  • owlglass

    I added a pinch of alderwood smoked finishing salt. Next time I’m cutting down water to 12 ounces to concentrate the flavors. Worked well with mustard/collard/spinach blend.

  • Linda

    This was the first think I tried in my new (refurbished) Blendtec (with the tiny adjustment of adding one lime and using a whole large cuke, seeded, and a little extra ginger). SO refreshing and invigorating on this hot, humid day! Unfortunately, my blender has an electric glitch and I have to decide whether to return/exchange :-/. The power cut in and out right at the end of cycle and every time I tried it on another electrical source since.

  • Alaylaana

    WHo cares about calories? You shouldnt worry about calories, if your eating the right thing. Just tons of veggies, fruits, nuts, beans, rice, chia seeds, lentils, quinoa, and lots of coconut oil, coconut milk, almond milk, and grapeseed oil, and thats all you really need to loose weight, keep weight, and be healthy.

  • Mike Horist

    oils are usually full of free radicals, see ( the oiling of america )…

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