Blackberry Thyme Preserves Recipe

blackberry thyme preserves recipe
With so many uses this recipe will not be wasted. The sweet-herb flavor works well as a spread or even a chutney or over a soft cheese eaten with crackers.


  • bluebird

    confused on the calorie count. the nutritional information says 56 but right below the picture it says 23 — so is the picture only counting on 1/2 a serving? seems a little misleading.

  • Joan

    How is this preserved? Can it be canned in a water bath canner or does it need to be frozen?

  • Eskisa

    It’s 56 servings…

  • Blendtec

    Hi bluebird,
    56 is how many servings this recipe makes. There are 24 calories in this recipe.

  • Texas Mary

    How long can you keep this in the refrigerator?

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