Vegan Pumpkin Bread Recipe

vegan pumpkin bread recipe
This bread has a great texture and is not too sweet. Whether for a crisp autumn day or a rainy summer morning, this bread will please a crowd.


  • Annettia

    I’m so happy I found this vegan pumpkin bread recipe, I have made it a couple of times and it turns out really great, very healthy and taste really good. My son is vegan and he always ask me to make it, even my grandson loves it. I’ll always be making this recipe, very easy to make.

  • LavenderBee

    I really love this recipe, have been making it regularly for 3 years now — it’s a keeper. I do double the cinnamon which is a personal preference. One tip, make sure it cooks all the way through. If there’s any batter that’s undercooked it will have a gummy texture.

  • Toni Raia-Berg

    Is there a sub for maple sugar? I have used maple sugar in other recipes and it over powers the actual breads, I just want to taste Pumpkin
    Thank you

  • Madina

    Can you do this with the WildSide jar?

  • vikki sk

    Hi Amamda, What kind of gluten free flour did you use? All purpose or something else?

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