Soy Milk Recipe

soy milk recipe
In five steps of soaking, heating, straining, boiling, and flavoring, you'll have okara and homemade soy milk to enjoy.


  • BlendtecLover

    Actually there is an easier way to do it. A Blendtec salesman taught me how to do it. Soak soybeans overnight, drain, then steam them in a ricecooker (just like cooking rice but put way less water.) Once the beans are cooked, add water and select "soups" cycle. No straining or recooking on the stove. Dilute to your liking. It is delicious.

  • Jeff

    Smoothie would be my best guess.

  • flightphysician

    Could someone please finish (and correct) the last paragraph, what to do with the okara? "… for your next …"

  • pauline

    I would like to know what to do with the okara as well please

  • Sheena

    Agree with the other comment didn’t finish the ending to the recipe. I notice your recipes definately need to be proof read by someone in the know to have correct information and measurements. Found some of the recipes very dissapointing

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