Peanut Butter Recipe

homemade peanut butter recipe
This homemade peanut butter is delicious and all-natural! It takes a few cycles to transform whole peanuts to warm and creamy peanut butter.


  • valleygal

    ummmmm…for the twister jar version…do you still use the oil?? It says reduce ingredients by 1/2 but only says to add peanuts and salt to the jar. Do you still use the oil and when?? Thanks! Oh…and can you use just plain peanuts or do they have to be roasted??

  • AJsgran

    Do you need to refrigerate this peanut butter? How long will it stay fresh?

  • June

    How long will this stay fresh. Do I need to refrigerate

  • LindaO

    I’m interested in raw almond butter. Will this generally work?

  • Linda Bobenda

    sounds really good and healthy!

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