Parsley-Passion Green Smoothie

parsley passion green smoothie
Did you resolve to eat more fruits and veggies this summer? Try this refreshing, healthy green smoothie, and you will be well on your way to a season of health.


  • Bertram

    This recipe sounds terrific, but how can there be no carbohydrates when there is a banana in the mix?

  • Maverick

    This recipe sounds great…however, this recipe has about 18 carbs per serving if my calculations are correct and not 0 carbs. This is certainly not a low- or no-carb recipe for those who are counting carbs.

    Bananas and pineapples are big red flags…

  • Michael Thomson

    Wow! Sounds terrific, but pineapple and bananas spell carbohydrates in my book…

  • Movingforward

    Great observation. HOWEVER,, Carbs are not altogether a BAD thing. It is not wheat which has greater side effects, and you need the energy.

  • Kat Mark

    This is a great recipe for those on Weight Watchers because it would be 0 points so long as the pineapple is fresh not canned.

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