Horchata Recipe

horchata recipe
Enjoy this Horchata recipe, a refreshing traditional Mexican drink on Cinco de Mayo, or any other day of the year!


  • Chetes

    What do you mean cooked rice?

  • lea8199

    Surprised at how good this was.. The traditional way takes a little too long (gotta let the rice soak in water overnight). This recipe is a keeper :-)

  • Lynn K.

    For better richer taste & results you should let the almond/rice/water mixture set in the fridge covered for at least 8hrs. Other than that this is a good basic quick Horchata recipe.

  • rodmjay

    Can you replace agave nectar for Sugar?

  • PJ

    You need to actually cook the rice in boiling water. It won’t work right out of the bag.

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