Green Pineapple Paradise Smoothie Recipe

green pineapple paradise smoothie recipe
Half of an alligator pear, aka avocado, offers a rich creaminess to this satisfying smoothie.


  • Neil

    Its becuase you had too much frozen content. If I make these recipes with frozen instead of fresh I always double the water. Too much frozen and you’ll make ice cream instead of a smootie.

  • PK

    i made this for the first time yesterday. I used frozen pineapple chunks instead of fresh ones. My blendtec had difficulty mixing this up. I ended up adding more water and it still had trouble. Is this because I used frozen pineapple instead of fresh? Or is it my blendtec? It is tasty, but I’m nervous to make it again.

  • Blendtec


  • jean

    Not a review, just a question: is it half or a quarter?

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