Fruit Snacks Recipe

fruit snacks recipe
Give your kids a chewy snack you can feel good about.


  • Mom of 8

    I am going to try this but will leave out the sugar to make this healthier. My kids love berry smoothies and fruit roll ups with no added sugar.

  • Kitaya Stone

    Can this be made with other fruits? There is only a handful of fresh fruits I can get my son to eat because he has issues with food textures. It would be great if I could turn some of those other fruits into snacks that he wouldn’t have an issue with textures. Smoothies are great, but aren’t always portable.

  • Lindsey

    what did you use to cut up the fruit?

  • Jon

    Just use Splenda instead of sugar

  • Kelli

    Can these be stored at room temperature after they’ve set?

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