Crustless Veggie Quiche Recipe

crustless veggie quiche recipe
Whipping up a delicious quiche has never been easier! This healthy breakfast dish has no crust, so it has fewer calories than a traditional quiche.


  • Sandy

    For people who need to be gluten free, use gf flour if you need to add flour. I use Tom’s and it works well for me.

  • Karl

    would love to hear a vegan recipe as well with no cheese :)

  • Amanda


  • Melissa

    Maybe substitute eggs with tofu and use a plant based milk or water. Here’s a recipe that might help:…

  • Linda I.

    30 seconds is too long to blend veggies into eggs. They disappeared and then floated as a separate layer to the top of the quiche during cooking so when I cut into it there were 2 distinct layers: a brown one and an empty egg layer. If I make this again, I would only pulse twice adding the spinach with the other veggies.

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