Almond Butter Recipe

almond butter recipe
With the Twister jar, only seconds are needed to transform whole nuts into smooth and creamy nut butter.


  • Valeria

    The best way to make almond butter!!!! I usually make it in the four side jar and it takes forever. 2 minutes and I had 2 cups of almond butter for $3.19. I found roasted almonds on clearance😊

  • Sandy White

    I have the ES3 model. How would I blend this, since my buttons don’t have numbers?

  • Annette

    This didn’t work for me at all! The whole reason I bought this $120 jar was to make nut butter. I tried roasted almonds, I tried raw almonds. I ran it for many minutes until the handle was too hot to touch, and got nothing more than almond powder. I am very disappointed.

  • Logan

    Does it matter if the almonds are raw or not — I love almond butter so the 2nd thing I made in my Blendtec was almond butter. I have the signature series and was a little confused on the speed to use, it said use speed 7 in the recipe but do I gradually increase to that speed or just start from (on my machine speed 4) the button it says. When I made mine it wasn’t quite as creamy as I was hoping for but I don’t think that I went as long as I should have. Any suggestions? Thanks!

  • Blendtec

    Blending for a little longer would have definitely given you the creamy smooth almond butter you were hoping for. There is a difference between blending raw and roasted almonds. Raw almonds tend to need a little additional oil to become really smooth, roasted almonds will usually blend smooth without additional oil.

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