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Spinach Ice Cream Recipe-Blendtec

Spinach Ice Cream Recipe

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Looking for a tasty, guilt-free dessert you and your entire family can enjoy? Our spinach ice cream recipe will do the trick! This sweet, almond-flavored dish is low in calories and full of green produce. It’s a sweet treat everyone can feel good about eating. 

Make this spinach ice cream to cool down on a hot summer day or satisfy your sweet tooth after dinner. As you’re savoring every bite, you won’t even remember that one of the main ingredients in this recipe is spinach. And you won’t feel bad going back for seconds, either. 

This recipe is healthy and packed with essential nutrients from ingredients like agave nectar, avocado, and vanilla whey protein powder. It can also easily be converted to a vegan ice cream. For that, users just add a vegan-friendly protein powder. 

When you make this two-step recipe with your Blendtec, it’s a breeze to dish up a mouthwatering dessert. Just toss the ingredients in your Blendtec machine, hit the “Ice Cream” button, and wait for the mixture to reach your ideal consistency. Serve on a cone, in a bowl, or next to a slice of your favorite pie. 

Secrets About Spinach

A lot of us associate spinach with a healthy diet, and maybe even Popeye the Sailor Man. We know that we should eat our spinach, but do you know why?

Spinach is a superfood that is overflowing with healthy nutrients, such as iron, magnesium, potassium, and folate. It has a high nutritional value while still maintaining a low calorie count. The benefits of spinach are plentiful, and they include: 

  • Spinach boosts digestion. It protects your body from toxins and supports a healthy digestive system.
  • It is a great source of vitamin K, which aids in blood clotting and bone mineralization.
  • Its healthy amount of Vitamins A and C support strong and healthy hair and skin.
  • Spinach contains vitamins that strengthen bones and decrease the risk of bone fractures.

Can You Use Frozen Spinach?

The simple answer is yes. Frozen spinach does a good job of keeping its flavor, and it also holds onto most of its nutrients. If you do choose frozen over fresh for your spinach ice cream, just make sure there is not a lot of ice on the spinach. If there is, let the water melt off a little or simply use less ice cubes. Fresh is always best, but we also know that frozen spinach is a little more practical. 

Which Milk Should You Use for Spinach Ice Cream?

Many online ice cream recipes call for full cream milk or skimmed milk. In our spinach ice cream recipe, almond milk provides the best flavor and consistency. Plus, it is nutrient-dense while remaining low on calories. 

You can use regular cow’s milk for the recipe, or you can experience with other milk flavors. Other popular milk options include coconut milk, which makes very rich, creamy ice cream, and cashew milk, which has a very subtle flavor. Oat milk and banana puree can also be used as a substitute for almond milk.

Did you give the recipe a try? Tell us about your experience below. 

Total time:  45 S
Servings:  7
Calories:  75


  • 2 fl. oz. agave nectar
  • 1 tsp. almond extract
  • 6 fl. oz. almond milk
  • 1 oz. avocado
  • 3 1/2 cups ice cubes
  • 3 cups spinach
  • 1/4 cup vanilla whey protein powder

Nutritional Information

  • Serving Size: ½ cup
  • Fat: 2g
  • Saturated Fat: 0g
  • Cholesterol: 0mg
  • Sodium: 51mg
  • Carbohydrates: 11g
  • Fiber: 1g
  • Sugar: 9g
  • Protein: 3g


  1. Add all ingredients to FourSide or WildSide+ jar in order listed.
  2. Secure lid and select "Ice Cream" or blend on Medium or Medium-Low (speed 3 or 4) for 30-40 seconds.

Note: If your Blendtec doesn’t feature an Ice Cream/Frozen Yogurt button, blend on a Low speed for 15 seconds, then blend on a Medium High speed for 30 seconds. If more blending is required, press pulse several times until desired texture is achieved.


Use nonfat dried milk in place of protein powder

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  • I made this and it came out delicious! More like a slushy at first, but I did put it in small containers and let it firm up a bit in the freezer. Yummy with no guilt.

    jayrow on

  • I’m totally trying this recipe

    Restaurants in Mangalore on

  • Your recipe book calls for 1 1/2 TABLESPOONS of extract… I did it and it over powered the whole thing..it was so nasty. Is that a typo?

    Briana on

  • This recipe is a keeper! i substituted soy for the almond milk, oatmeal for the whey, vanilla for the almond. Next time I will substitute banana for the avocado because I don’t always have avocado. My husband loved it! and so did I!

    Mary-Jo on

  • Just made the Spinach IceCream tonight, and it was delish.

    Fog on

  • Can i omit whey protein because i dont want any dairy in it and its bad for you

    Erin on

  • Just experiment what feels good to you

    L on

  • The whey protein may be omitted, but the texture and flavor will be altered.

    Blendtec on

  • Yes, when I bought my Blendtec, the salesman actually had a photocopy of all the recipes he demonstrated and the spinach ice cream he demonstrated was definitely not this recipe. I misplaced my copy and was hoping to find the recipe here.

    Carol on

  • I was disappointed :( I tried what I was told was this receipe at the demonstration where I purchased my Blendtec. I looked through the book and noticed the receipe wasn’t in the book and was told it was online. I tried this receipe and it taste nothing like what I tried in-store. The after taste on this receipe is not tasty at all, most likely from the protien powder. Additionally the consistency is slushy and not at all a scoopable ice cream, unless it is placed in the freezer.

    Collette on

  • What is a good non-dairy substitute for whey protein (to maintain the texture, etc)?

    StevieLo on

  • this might sound like a silly question, but was the oatmeal cooked or dry?

    DC on

  • I have been a fanatic of ice cream my whole life, so I was a little nervous how this could compare, but I found I truly loved it, and it felt amazing knowing I was downing some healthy ingredients, it certainly made this girl happy! :) I used Cellucor CINNAMON SWIRL protein powder sold at Costco, I think it made a big difference in the added sweetness! Yum!

    Shannon on

  • Soy protein powder is a great substitute for the whey protein powder. The texture may be slightly different, but soy protein will produce a great product for this recipe.

    Blendtec on

  • Oh and using Hemp Milk instead of Almond made it even better.

    El on

  • I recommend using dried milk instead of the whey protein powder. Taste is way better. However, I came here looking for ideas on a good substitute for that to make it dairy free.

    El on

  • Just bought our blendtec today at Costco (after thinking about it & saving for 3 years!) I used 4 oz. almond milk + 4 oz. half & half, and 2 Tbsp of malt (instead of protein powder) and 2 Tbsp of 100% maple syrup (instead of agave) and then threw a 1/4 c. chocolate chips in. Mmmm…a little more like soft serve, but tasty!! (no almond extract and no avocado.)

    JoBeef on

  • Blend on medium to medium-low (speed 2 or 3) for 30-40 seconds. :)

    Blendtec on

  • The recipe says select "ice cream" but the new Blendtec does not have that setting. Do I use the "smoothy" selection in its place?

    BDK on

  • I made this ice cream and it tasted really good! But it came out liquid. It didn’t looked like the demo I saw at Costco. What could I have done wrong?

    Lucy on

  • We tried this at Costco too and made it tonight- He used French Vanilla creamer, no almond extract, a half banana rather than an avocado- yes it was more like soft serve than what is pictured here but it turned out exactly the same as it did at the store.
    My non-veggie eating husband was the one who insisted we buy all the ingredients! Yum!

    Kris Styhr on

  • It’s likely that the recipe they used at the demo is different than this one. You can firm this one up but putting it in the freezer for a bit. :)

    Blendtec on

  • Hei, I enjoyed it very much. I did not have the almond extract, but I put couple of frozen strawberries in instead and it made it a bit sweeter and it tasted more creamy. Delicious!

    Glorious Queen on

  • For those who do not like the runniness and slushiness of the "ice cream" – just add more ice next time. I had the same effect the first time around but tried it again with more ice – voila the ice cream consistency – just like in Costco presentation. I turned the container upside-down and it was stuck to the bottom/top with not even one drop falling…

    Alex on

  • Mary-Jo, just keep in mind that soy products are spectacularly bad for women to consume over time as the body sees it as unopposed estrogen. A person wouldn’t think that was a problem until you grow horrible fibroid tumors or have other "lady problems." Here’s some helpful info. The almond milk is definitely a more benign choice.

    Karen on

  • i just bought my blender today, and tried this recipe, however there is only speed for Smoothie, Lo, Medium, HIgh and Hot, so I am guessing I should just use the Medium speed ?

    oh and I used Honey instead of Aguave, the Blender was on but ingredients were not turning and I realized the honey was all stuck to the bottom of the blade, is using Honey not a good idea when blending cold and making ice cream ?

    Axtrid on

  • Your mixture is probably cavitating during the cycle. Cavitation is a condition in which an air pocket forms within the mix because the mix is too cold or too solid. The blender blade then spins freely in this cavity. This problem can be corrected by increasing the mix temperature by either reducing ice, increasing liquid and/or ensuring that the frozen ingredients used in the recipe are never colder than 10 degrees Fahrenheit (-12 degrees Celsius).

    Another thing you can do is use the Twister jar which is made specifically for thicker blends. http://www.blendtec.com/jar…

    Blendtec on

  • I just bought my blendtec yesterday and this is one of the first few recipes I’ve made. I own a classic 570 and put the setting to medium. The machine seems to struggle a little – it seems to blend alright initially but after a while it was just making a noise and the contents were not moving. What can I do to correct this? Thanks.
    By the way it was delicious!

    Celeste on

  • I used a dairy free vanilla whey powder, a some fresh ginger, some non dairy unsweetened cocoa powder instead of the guava and oh yes its yummy…

    Melody on

  • Yes, blend on medium speed for 30-40 seconds. You can substitute honey for agave, just make sure to load the jar in the order the ingredients are listed in the recipe.

    Blendtec on

  • We’re sorry this happened! Please give our customer service team a call at 1-800-748-5400. They are trained to troubleshoot over the phone and can help diagnose and fix the problem.

    Blendtec on

  • I have had my Blendtec for just a few weeks now but I absolutely LOVE it! I just made this ice cream and towards the end of blending it seemed to stop mixing and sounded loud like it was grinding but not moving. So I stopped it and moved everything around with the spatula and tried to continue but after an initial move it stopped again and just sounded like the motor might burn out. So I took out the ice cream (more of a slushie but yummy) and rinsed out my Wild Side jar and thought I’d make sure it still works. I then made my usual spinach and frozen pineapple smoothie, which worked fine but for the first time there were pieces of spinach leaves through out my drink. That has never happened before. Blendtec, could there have been some damage to my blender making the ice cream? I won’t be using it again for a couple of days, but I sure hope nothing is wrong. I would hate to have to be without it.

    ItsreallyCheryl on

  • If you want to make it dairy free, try Blendfresh protein powder that’s non dairy and made from 8 whole foods. Here is where you can get it:. my.blendfresh.com/nutrition101

    olya on

  • Dry

    Blendtecnoob on

  • I followed the recipe exactly, except I used chard and a little kale. It tasted a little like green tea ice cream, the almond was not detected at all, and it was icy as opposed to creamy. However, with all that being said, it was delicious and it is very healthy. I sprinkled cinnamon and crushed some almonds on top and very much enjoyed it as a treat after dinner. I spooned out 5 more portions into small dishes and froze them.

    TBNB on


    j on

  • Just add more ice

    markus on

  • Soy products are not good for women or men, very disruptive to the body’s entire hormone system, digestive problems and a whole list of other problems.
    Also the avocado is much healthier for you than the banana, having healthy monounsaturated fat; while bananas are a high-fructose fruit and have a high glycemic index. Except for the agave nectar, this is a fairly healthy recipe.

    Rich on

  • if you put in Cellucor’s Cinnamon Swirl Protein powder this recipe is heaven on earth and makes ALL the difference if you don’t. Learned that from the lady who made the recipe at Costco and learned it the hard way by making it with regular protein powder, ick!

    Shannon on

  • Pretty good for a healthy snack. It’s more of a soft serve than the firmness of the pictures. Put it in the freezer and hoping it will harden. Next time I will substitute something for the protein powder…maybe almond meal, powdered milk or some other nut meal as I don’t like the after taste from pp.

    Brandyn on

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