Popeye's Ice Cream

popeye's ice cream
As seen in your local Costco, this spinach ice cream will surprise your taste buds!


  • Blendtec

    Yes! You can use powdered milk or dehydrated yogurt. Have a happy day!

  • Myr

    Followed the recipe EXACTLY (and after watching the guy at Costco demonstrating it today). I’m totally frustrated. It was so thick, the motor just spun. Added a little more liquid, then it was a smoothie, added more ice and we’re back to spinning motor. This continued eventually sacrificing the flavor and leaving me with two big bowls of green smoothie, no ice cream and used nearly all of a tub of organic spinach that would have made a great salad!

  • mattock7

    can i use splenda instead of agave nectar? if so, how should i make up for the difference in liquid?

  • K

    Can you recommend a substitution for the protein powder? I want to make this with my kids but I do not feel comfortable giving the protein powder and this is not something we use in our diets. Thanks.

  • Popeye

    you’re clumsy

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