Peach Empanadas Recipe

peach empanadas recipe
This recipe pairs a simple but rich pastry dough with the natural sweetness of peaches. Feel free to try other fruits, such as apples and pears.


  • Hilda Magaly Dietsch

    Will try this!

  • April

    I just made these, they were yummy! I have never attempted empanadas before. Thanks for the recipe

  • Ulo

    I just made these. First, I used salted butter and these were too salty. And I used almond flour instead of regular, and it was very much too oily to solidify up even after refrigerating the dough about 24 hours. Maybe if I’d used coconut flour it would have worked better. They were still too tender after baking about 25 mins. But we called these "ooglies" and added whipped cream to dilute the salt a bit. So much for my low carb attempt.

  • Annymouse

    Sounds yummy! I’ll try this, but using gluten-free flour. Thanks!

  • Ethrandil

    How does this taste fried instead of baked?

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