Loaded Baked Potato Soup

loaded baked potato soup
A creamy potato soup which includes all the toppings of a loaded baked potato. This soup is a whole meal and can be the centerpiece for a casual weekend dinner.


  • bthavenot@live.com

    Where do you see that a serving is a 1/4 cup? I don’t see that

  • bthavenot@live.com

    I will try it without the bacon

  • Asa Fulton

    2 cups milk and cream + 2 cups potato, cheese, and bacon = 4 cups total volume of the soup.
    The recipe says this yields 3 servings, which calculate out to 4/3 = 1.33 cups per serving. The 1/4 cup figure must either be a typo, or a demonstration of the incompetence of third grade arithmetic instruction.

  • skylane807

    Sally, that’s to make it sound not so fattening… 1/4 cup is only two ounces. A "real" one cup serving would be 960 calories, 36 g fat 18 g of saturated fat, 120 mg of cholesterol 2400 mg of salt… The numbers are a bit goofy. Starting out with 2 cups of milk/sour cream, along with the potatoes and all. there would be way more than three 2 ounce servings…

  • beecharmer

    4 tablespoons. No one eats only 4 tablespoons of soup!

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