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green monster smoothie recipe

Green Monster Smoothie Recipe

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Halloween is synonymous with candy and other sweets, so a healthy, tasty alternative is a refreshing change. This green drink is just that, and even your kids will enjoy it.

Total time:  40 S
Servings:  4
Calories:  120


  • 1 cup ice cubes
  • 1 cup mango frozen
  • 1 cup spinach
  • 1 cup kale
  • 1/2 banana
  • 1 apple cored and quartered
  • 12 fl. oz. orange juice

Nutritional Information

  • Serving Size: 8 fl. oz.
  • Fat: 0g
  • Saturated Fat: 0g
  • Cholesterol: 0mg
  • Sodium: 14mg
  • Carbohydrates: 29g
  • Fiber: 3g
  • Sugar: 22g
  • Protein: 2g


  1. Add all ingredients in order listed to FourSide or WildSide+ jar and secure lid.
  2. Select "Smoothie" cycle or blend on a Medium speed for 50 seconds.

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  • For those of us who are sugar intolerant, consuming this would be a disaster.

    Dilys COLLIER on

  • This serves 4, so it’s only 3 oz of orange juice per serving. Yeah, there are healthier options than orange juice, but this is probably delicious to someone not used to green smoothies, making it a great starter smoothie.

    Matthew Venezia on

  • It doesn’t sound that bad compared to all the candy kids are usually eating around this time. I would probably adjust it, but give credit to the bledtec team for their effort. :)

    Stephanie on

  • Not healthy google "Sweden be comes first western nation to reject lowfat diet" and this is baised on over 16,000 published studies – for over 40 years we have been given the wrong dietary advice – wise up do your own research

    Jack H. IL on

  • Rick Fernandez’s comments are grist for the mill. Its alot of sugar. I wish there were recipes like the carrot juice and tomato vegetable juice found on pgs 17 and 18 of the Blendtec recipe book. I love the fruit drinks but am conscious of all the sugar thats inherent in them.

    Steve Baczewski on

  • Sounds healthy as hell to me – Not one single animal product or fat. Plenty of protein (amino acids) in fruits and vegetables. I’m going to try this asap :)

    Miles on

  • "Not healthy at all", is a bit extreme I think. Whenever you get anyone to consume fresh fruits and veggies, I think it’s a wonderful thing! since there are plenty of sugary "bad" alternatives out there to choose from.

    jtorg on

  • I make this minus the OJ. I use homemade almond mylk or water; no ice, just the frozen mango AND frozen banana is enough. Add a Tbsp of raw hemp seeds for more protein, and raw maca powder for added vitamins and minerals and amino acids :)

    Jules Lewis on

  • Geez Rick you’re right, fruits and vegetables sure do make people fat and soooo unhealthy! Not. It’s the fatty other stuff people eat that makes them fat. I’d feed this smoothie to my 3 fit, lean and healthy children any day before I’d let them have a glass of milk.

    What would you substitute it with whole milk full of sugar, cholesterol and saturated fat?

    Get the facts before saying such rubbish.

    Aaron on

  • What other healthier substitutes for orange juice?

    Jan on

  • Use real oranges instead of juice. Cut down on added sugar, add back all the fiber and nutrients taken out during the juicing process

    Alex on

  • Below is the recipe for a HEALTHY green smoothie that I make my family every morning. It’s delicious and it keeps you full until lunch.
    1 cup frozen fruit
    1/2 cup water
    2/3 cup skim milk plain almond milk, plain hemp milk or plain soy milk
    1 scoop vanilla whey or other vanilla protein powder
    2 BIG handfuls of spinach, mixed baby greens, baby kale or cabbage
    1 tablespoon of ground flax see meal
    1 tablespoon wheat germ
    1 dash of cinnamon

    Christopher on

  • Substitute coconut water for the OJ and it will still taste great. I agree with the other posters, way too much sugar in this drink to be considered healthy. A chocolate bar has an average of 15 – 25 grams of sugar so how is this drink better?

    Lenore Lounsbury on

  • Guys what’s with all the criticisms?? I’d far rather give this to my kids than the fizzy drinks and bags of sweets that most will be having in UK.

    Kaz Henderson on

  • Add protein powder to it and cut one or two fruits out and blend.

    helen sabin on

  • Substitute coconut water for the O.J. and it will still taste great. I agree with the other poster’s, there is way too much sugar in this drink to be considered healthy. A chocolate bar contains an average of 15 – 25 grams of sugar so how is this drink better?

    Lenore Lounsbury on

  • My kids loved it! I told them it was monster guts so that added to the appeal. I haven’t been able to get two of them to drink green smoothies in the past (although they’ve had spinach in their smoothies plenty of times an didn’t know it) so this was a small victory. Thanks!

    Sal on

  • Use 1/4 c almond milk or 1/2 and 1/2, 1/2 banana, 4 strawberries with tops on, ice, spinach, and blend with protein powder. You can also use glucerna shakes as your liquid and just add fruit to it.

    helen sabin on

  • This was a healthy way to start off our Halloween with servings of fruits AND vegetables! My kids loved that I called it a Monster smoothie and drank it all up.
    Thanks for the great recipe!

    Tiffany Bailey on

  • You can substitute coconut water instead of OJ and use protein powder to kick it up at knotch. Also add some flaxseed for added nutrition. Great breakfast alternative!

    liz on

  • There is sugar in it, but it is all natural sugars from fruit so it isn’t the process crap you get in other "treats."

    Me on

  • Hi Jan. You can use coconut water in place of the orange juice.

    Blendtec on

  • I have been told and read that one should not combine vegetables with fruit…..as it causes gas and bloating. Yet I see lots of blended smoothies containing both????

    Staying healthy on

  • If you currently don’t consume much fiber and then significantly increase your fiber intake over a short period, you may experience these problems. However, if you slowly increase your fiber intake, you shouldn’t have a problem. Even if you currently don’t consume much fiber, this recipe shouldn’t cause problems because it contains only 3 grams of fiber per serving.

    Blendtec on

  • This is super healthy and my daughters loved it!! Of course substitutions can be made as we all are different, but no need for harsh criticism. It’s not like this is the only food you will have all day. Our middle daughter has type 1 diabetes and would much rather give her this than processed foods and other crap that is out there. I appreciate the recipe. Thank you, Blendtec

    Lesley Kamm on

  • 1 cup raw Kale? I’m only up to 1/4 cup of kale. Oh heck…..I’m gonna go for it.

    Ron Stone on

  • Steve and Rick, thanks for the comments. Please check out our Carrot Juice (http://www.blendtec.com/rec… and Garden Green Giant Juice (http://www.blendtec.com/rec…, among other juices on our recipe site.

    Blendtec on

  • Replaced the OJ with 12 oz Coconut Water plus One Orange. Everything else the same. Just Fantastic

    Robert Garel on

  • I have been in nutrition education for over 20 years. There are so many misconceptions about sugars, proteins and fats, it is ridiculous. Sugars (simple carbohydrates) are what our bodies run on. They recycle amino acids within the body very efficiently. Fats are necessary for making hormones. The ratio our bodies run most efficiently on is 10-15% protein, 5-10% fat, and 75-85% carbohydrates. The sugars from whole fruits and vegetables are not metabolized the same way as refined sugars. The fiber in the plant food slows the absorption of sugars. Yes, it is a great pick-me up, but it doesn’t affect diabetics like you might think. My father became diabetic and cured his own diabetes within three weeks by switching to whole unprocessed foods and ensuring he is getting all the natural fiber. He eats fruit all the time, and smoothies. If you are going to make nutrition claims… educate yourself better. The smoothie listed above looks absolutely delicious! I’d eat it any day, and I’d recommend it to even a diabetic client.

    jaylynbrannon on

  • You could even make it healthier by leaving out the wheat germ , replacing the milk with plain full fat yogurt( fat facilitates the absorption of vitamins and minerals). Well there is some fat in the flaxseed meal.
    Your kids are very lucky!

    unterderlaterne on

  • There is a theory that different parts of the stomach digest foods at different rates. This would be the melons that aren’t supposed to be mixed. Hence why you rarely see them as frequent in smoothies and even in salads it’s usually one melon type or just melons. Again it’s a theory.

    Jenna on

  • just add 1/2 of avocado and some whey protein and coconut milk or almond milk

    moonstruk on

  • Maybe instead of adding protein powder which is for the most part processed junk (don’t believe me look up every single ingredient) try adding cashews or walnuts even almonds that are good for the brain with healthy fats and protein rather than adding garbage. Yep I said it protein powder is junk. Sorry the truth stings but we get over it or we end up with cancer.

    Jenna on

  • It’s interesting the panic over orange juice when mangoes have the highest sugar content. Then there are the protein addicts. It’s like going to the gym then eating McDonalds or taking anti cancer meds only to drink it down with cancer. Silly but it’s still better than most on some level. Bad habits are hard to break and stupid slogans are hard to forget ESP if heard as a kid. Example – milk does a body good. Brilliant advertising idea but a complete lie. Just like adding protein to everything is a good idea.

    Jenna on

  • Why not just use an orange? You would have the orange flavor plus all the benefits of the whole food :)

    Scott on

  • these are recipes for you to try and to add/delete and make it your own. If there is something you don’t like, to put it in. These are great ideas for you to start using your Blendec to make your own smoothies.

    DN on

  • i made a smoothie with a couple handfuls of spinach, half a cup frozen mango, a squeeze of fresh orange juice, ice and a splash of water and it is delicious!!!

    Faye Marie on

  • Apparently every recipe on the internet needs at least one hypercritical holier-than-thou know-it-all pretentious sanctimonious obnoxious blowhard to educate us all with their glut of knowledge and wisdom.

    BabalooMandel on

  • Your asinine post has left me stupefied.

    BabalooMandel on

  • Kale is loaded with protein. Add more of it. Use an orange instead of orange juice. I’m sure you’ll get your fats from somewhere else. Otherwise if this is all you are eating add 1 tablespoon of Canola or Olive oil to it.

    Sandra Dbp Petroff on

  • I substituted orange juice with coconut water.

    Cheyenne on

  • Jenna – great suggestion on adding those particular nuts for protein and healthy fats. I will say that not ALL protein powders are "processed junk"…probably 80% on the market are junk. A little too much fruit in this one for me, I’d cut it in half and go from there…

    Daniel on

  • "Almost No protein"?? So much protein in kale and spinach.

    Chrissy on

  • Thank you so much for sharing the recipie. I love not having to think about how to change up the flavors a little when I make my green smoothies. Have a great day! I like to add a little bit of zest with a strip of orange peel.

    S Flan on

  • I teach 1st grade and I would be so happy if my children had this for breakfast instead of the sugared cereal most of them eat. My goodness. I am appalled at negative comments.

    karen perry on

  • don’t use canola ….it is GMO

    mammy on

  • You do know the sugar in fruit is very different from processed surgar?

    Garth on

  • Get a life everyone! It is supposed to be fun for kids. Give them a break once in a while you Paleo loving, whole grain obsessed, yuppies. Get in your SUV’s and go back to your flats and high rises and tell the helicopters to go away. Everyone else let your kids enjoy…

    Tyler on

  • A healthier substitute for orange juice??? Since when is orange juice not healthy? LOL!

    Freddie Salas on

  • Almond milk , Coconut milk works well

    Garth on

  • Potassium is an important element that many need to take for medical reasons and therefor track content in foods. Could you please include potassium content in your nutritional information? Just as important as sodium.

    flightphysician on

  • I have a vitamix but i always come here because the recipes kick butt!

    chad on

  • what about just the whole orange?

    Jeannie Hill on

  • Right? As long as is true orange juice what’s the problem exactly?

    Chelle Antionette on

  • You can definitely use a peeled orange instead of the orange juice!

    Blendtec on

  • if you dont have orange juice, you can just put in a couple oranges in the blender to get homemade orange juice

    asfg on

  • i made this today,i didn’t have mango but it taste very light and smooth. I put 1/2 water and 1/2 juice very good, kids love it too.

    olga on

  • This doesn’t sound healthy at all! Check out the carbs and sugars, with almost no protein or fat. If you want to send your kids into a sugar high, give them this. Otherwise, I’d substitute the orange juice with something healthier.

    Rick Fernández on

  • I prefer Carrot juice rather than OJ. Also I sometimes add cantalope instead of apples.

    Lori Pazos Falango on

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