Creamy Tomato-Basil Soup Recipe

creamy tomato-basil soup
This updated version of traditional tomato soup gets its creamy texture from cooked beans, rather than high-fat, high-calorie dairy products.


  • Blendtec

    It is a Mix n’ Blend –…

  • Missi Homenick Chenier

    Can you use canned white beans, or are you using dry in this recipe?

  • KarenL

    But the recipe calls for the 4-sided jar, so you don’t need the Mix & Blend

  • Rich

    Would rather have the high fat, high calorie dairy than the high carb bean here, especially not any soy. Could make it instead with coconut milk or almond milk, much healthier than either dairy or legumes.

  • 鍾孟潔

    How many cup of the water of this recipe?

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