Copycat Nutella Recipe

copycat nutella recipe
This delicious, dairy-free spread hits the spot for any chocolate lover. Serve with fresh fruit, use as a crepe filling, spread onto your favorite bread, or enjoy it by the spoonful.


  • Humberto

    Can the powder sugar be substituted for something like agave syrup or honey?

  • Suzanne Wheatley

    I make it in my twister jar. I blend the nuts and oil at 2 for the 15 seconds, then up to 7 (i think) for the rest of the cycle. I add the rest of ingredients and blend on 5 or 6 for another full cycle. I go up in speed slow though, probably 2-3 seconds on each speed till I reach the one I want.

  • mezalkb

    Has anyone made this with coconut sugar or other natural sweetener (not stevia, I am very sensitive to the bitterness), we don’t use refined sugar.

  • blurr

    Coconut sugar is the same as regular sugar, except it costs 4x as much

  • marya

    I made this and followed the recipe step by step, but I ended up with a thick paste. I don’t know this happened

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