Why the Twister Jar Was Developed

why the twister jar was developed

There’s nothing like dipping a cold, crisp apple into warm, creamy almond butter. People used to make nut butters in their FourSide and WildSide* jar by adding oil or stopping the blender midcycle to scrape partially blended nuts off the sides of the jar.

That worked, but Blendtec's engineers thought there had to be a better way. We brainstormed dozens of concepts, selected the ones most likely to work and started prototyping. Our engineering lab smelled like almond butter for weeks! The end result is the one-of-a-kind Twister jar.

Why the twister jar was developed

With the Twister jar, all you have to do is turn on the blender and twist the lid! The two tines on the Twister lid push the nuts back to the blade while you're blending. The result: warm, creamy nut butter in seconds. Want it crunchy? Just add a few nuts at the end of the cycle and pulse.

Not into nut butters?  The Twister jar also works great for making perfectly blended hummus, flavored cream cheese and other thick spreads. Additionally, the jar is the right size for single-serving smoothies, baby food and many other recipes. Whatever you've blended, you can use the custom-designed and specially contoured Spectacula, which comes with the Twister jar, to remove every last delicious bit from the jar. What would you like to try blending in the Twister jar?  

*The WildSide jar is no longer available for purchase. Please check out our new and improved WildSide+ jar.


  • Janet Chavez


    The butter should get hot as you are running the blender for a longer period. However if you are seeing smoke i would recommend calling customer care so we can troubleshoot and find out what is going on.

  • Mary Ann

    I absolutely love my 725 Blendtec! I also purchased the twister jar and lovebit, but when I made my coca-nut butter (omg YUM!), a couple of things disconcerted me and I’ve been hesitant to try it again: 1 – the butter was HOT and so was the gear at the bottom. I was actually seeing smoke come from the butter itself. 2 – I noticed the gear was stripping. Is my jar defective or is there something I am doing wrong?

  • Kelli Farley

    Yes, the Twister jar will definitely make nut butter smooth and creamy. The tines on the Twister lid is what makes is possible. You turn the lid counter-clockwise while blending, and it keeps pushing the ingredients back into the middle of the jar, thus keeping everything blending better and faster.

  • gogolittlered

    I just made almond butter in my Wildside jar. Not saying it was a disaster but took a long time and I was worried it may break the machine. It was steaming something fierce. It never actually got super creamy either, more thick and pasty, granted I didn’t use a lot of oil. Wondering if the Twister jar will ACTUALLY make it smoother and creamier, a litter more like store bought?

  • Diana

    I had a similar problem. I called Blendtec and 2 days later had a new jar!!

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