What Can I do with Almond Pulp?

almond pulp cookies

Have you ever made almond milk and wondered what to do with all the leftover pulp? I hate to throw it away because I know it has protein and fiber and all the goodness of almonds. It's truly a shame to just toss it once the almond milk is made. Now you don't have to throw it out! I've come up with a few ways to use the almond pulp so it doesn't go to waste.

Put it in smoothies

Replace the yogurt or milk in a smoothie with almond pulp. This is a great way to make a dairy-free smoothie - but still get the extra protein.

Try this Vegan Berry Smoothie.

Vegan Berry Smoothie Blender Recipe_almondpulp

Vegan Berry Smoothie

Replace eggs

Almond pulp can also be used as a healthy replacement for eggs in baked goods, like these Almond Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Almond Chocolate Chip Cookies blender recipe_pulp
Almond Chocolate Chip Cookies

Make a dip

Put a new twist on dips, like this Almond Hummus, by using primarily almond pulp.

Almond Hummus blender recipe_pulp
Almond Hummus

Use as base for a Facial

This Almond Facial is so easy to make and great for your skin.

Almond Facial blender recipe_pulp Almond Facial

What are some ways you use almond pulp? Share with us in the comments below.


  • Pete Fontaine

    Almond Yogurt made easy

    Soak 4 cups of raw almonds (unbaked) in fresh water overnite
    boil 4 quarts of water
    add two cups of almonds and 4 cups of the hot water to the wildside jar
    run this at highest speed for 2- 50 second cycles
    add 2 more cups of hot water, 1/3 cup of honey, 2 tbls of vanilla extract
    spin this up at a low speed for 20 seconds or so just to mix
    be careful because mix is close to the top of the wildside
    pour into a 1gallon crock pot or glass bowl
    repeat the above process for the second half of the nuts
    Get out your nut milk bag and lovingly throw it away you won’t need it.
    Wait till the entire mix is cooled to 110 degrees
    Add probiotics. I use Vitacost Super 8 Acidophilus (8 strains/14billion Microorganisms, but who’s counting)
    Open, empty, and stir six capsules of this into the mix.
    Cover with a large towel or small blanket and let it sit at room temp for 36 hours then
    refrigerate in smaller jars
    That’s it, makes a gallon, takes about 20 minutes of effort, absolutely awesome.
    so far this works well with peanuts and cashews but try using a little less (1 cup per batch) water. Can’t wait to try walnuts and pistachios.

    If you need a reason to eat more nuts check out
    nutritionfacts.org and greenmedinfo.com search nuts of the particular nut of your choice

  • Holly Michaels

    What a great idea, Brenda! Thanks for sharing this gem with the Blendtec community.

  • Brenda

    I dehydrate the almond pulp in the oven and then grind it in the Blendtec again and use it as almond flour.

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