Southwest Guacamole

southwest guacamole

Mix Up Southwest Guacamole in Seconds!

Let’s face it: Summer get-togethers are just not complete without guacamole. This avocado dip is universally loved for taco nights, pool parties, and even watching a movie with the family. Blendtec’s Southwest Guacamole recipe adds a Tex-Mex element to traditional guac with hot sauce, corn, and shredded cheese. Mixing up this tasty, zesty snack is simple—and with a Blendtec, it only takes seconds.

Of course, guacamole recipes are pretty straight-forward. To have delicious, mouth-watering guacamole, all you really need is avocados, lime, cilantro, red onions, salt, and pepper. Simple enough, right? But if you’ve tried your hand at guacamole before, you will know that there is one thing that can make or break your guac: Ripe (or unripe) avocados.

To make the perfect guacamole, your avocados need to be PERFECTLY ripe—not too hard, not too soft. To know if an avocado is ripe, gently squeeze it. If there a little bit of give, your avocado is good to go. But if there is no give, or too much give, you’re better off waiting or throwing that avocado away.

Once you’ve got a bunch of ripe avocados, you’re ready to make Blendtec’s Southwest Guacamole. For this recipe, we’re combining all ingredients—avocado, scallions, red pepper, onion, garlic, corn, hot sauce, cilantro, fresh lime juice, shredded cheese (we recommend pepper jack), sea salt, and black pepper—into the Blendtec WildSide+ jar blender. Toss all the ingredients in (save for one avocado), and pulse four times. Add the last ripe avocado and pulse a few more times and voila! You’re done—and that tasty Southwest Guacamole is calling your name.

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