"Will It Blend?" - Skis

A few years ago while working at The Canyons, a local ski resort, I would have shuddered and maybe shed a few tears at the loss of a pair of skis. Sure, when you were done with a set, you could turn them into some sort of eclectic lawn furniture or fence, but never blend the skis to oblivion.

In fact, I wouldn't have believed it if someone had told me a blender could turn a pair of planks into sawdust, but that is exactly what Tom Dickson does in our latest episode of Will it Blend?

This episode was a blast to shoot. Tom was really getting tired as he manhandled one of the skis into the carnivorous blades. As I was talking to him a few days after the shoot, he said his hands were still sore from the abuse. I guess skis aren't designed for a blender.

Random fact: In the middle of the video, you may notice something black flying by. That flying object is the plug that goes into the lid of the jar. Normally it is removed when blending hot liquids in order to alleviate any pressure that might develop, but in this case it popped off due to the violent blend. You also may have noticed we cut a slit in the lid so we could slide the ski in without taking the lid off. Remember, safety first.

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