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How to Deseed a Pomegranate

Posted by Nathan Hirst on

how to deseed a pomegranate
With pomegranates starting to show up in grocery stores, here's a super-easy trick for preparing pomegranates. How to prepare a pomegranate Do you have another technique for prepping pomegranates? Let us know!

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  • Sweet. Beating fruit will be the new ultimate gym soon…?

    Pat on

  • Try tapping gently with the side of a small hammer. Most of the arils dropped out for me! And the peel became quite pliable so it was easy to get the rest out. Yummm!

    Kay on

  • I just tried it and it works just as fast and easy as he said!

    Granny jammy on

  • I’m sorry it didn’t work for you. I have had great success removing the seeds this way. You might try hitting it harder or using a heavier spoon.

    Nathan Hirst on

  • Didn’t quite work for me…..

    Kirsten on

  • @John316 .. maybe because this is the ‘Blendtec Official Blog’ …. So anything to promote their product…?

    Tara Schroeder on

  • You don’t. That is just what I had on hand when we did the photo shoot.

    Nate Hirst on

  • Errr, why do you need a blendtec to smack a Pomegranate?

    John316 on

  • Thank you for this! I had no idea it could be this easy! I had to try it for myself, and post it on my blog!

    Erin Miller on

  • I really did this the hard way. After cutting in half, I took the seeds out one at a time and enjoyed them. It takes awhile, but,—- -my—- what pleasure!!!!

    Sara Morgan on

  • Are you serious! It was that easy all along?! I feel so….yeah….That easy all along. I am so posting this to Pinterest, because it is absolutely pin worthy. Who would’ve known!

    Bella @sweetsavorylife on

  • I love your titles of the different methods. I find the “smack back” method to be much more efficient and fun.

    Nate Hirst on

  • Opened one just yesterday, and used the slice and pick method… cut into quarters, pull out as many arils as possible into a bowl of water, remove the pith, pour into a sieve and eat… I’ll have to try the “smack the back” method… will likely lose less arils that way!

    Adam Jeffrey Hanin on

  • Oh my gosh that is unreal. I have been eating these for ever and I have always done it the hard way. Peal it, or try to. Thanks you so much for the information. Makes me want to go get one just to try it.

    Evette Hunt on

  • Such a wonderful how-to, I love the idea with the water and really don’t understand why I ever did this without!

    Austen on

  • Just the comment I was waiting for :)
    These fruits are quite expensive here in Denmark and I didn’t want to go and buy one before another reader tried and confirmed this tip :)
    So thank you! :0)



    Frida on

  • I’ll be eating a lot more pomegranates now. Thanks. :)

    Jasmine Ward on

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