How to Deseed a Pomegranate

how to deseed a pomegranate
With pomegranates starting to show up in grocery stores, here's a super-easy trick for preparing pomegranates. How to prepare a pomegranate Do you have another technique for prepping pomegranates? Let us know!


  • Bella @sweetsavorylife

    Are you serious! It was that easy all along?! I feel so….yeah….That easy all along. I am so posting this to Pinterest, because it is absolutely pin worthy. Who would’ve known!

  • Nate Hirst

    I love your titles of the different methods. I find the “smack back” method to be much more efficient and fun.

  • Adam Jeffrey Hanin

    Opened one just yesterday, and used the slice and pick method… cut into quarters, pull out as many arils as possible into a bowl of water, remove the pith, pour into a sieve and eat… I’ll have to try the “smack the back” method… will likely lose less arils that way!

  • Evette Hunt

    Oh my gosh that is unreal. I have been eating these for ever and I have always done it the hard way. Peal it, or try to. Thanks you so much for the information. Makes me want to go get one just to try it.

  • Austen

    Such a wonderful how-to, I love the idea with the water and really don’t understand why I ever did this without!

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