Cross-Training for Life, Part 1

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Being physically active is as important as eating right. To us, Blendtec isn't just a brand or a blender—Blendtec is a way of life. That's because we're dedicated to helping people improve their lifestyles through nutrition as well as fitness.

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One way you can maximize your fitness is through cross-training. Cross-training can be the catalyst to reaching your fitness goals—the same way using your Blendtec blender can be incredibly helpful in achieving your nutrition goals. Just as a balanced diet is the key to nutrition, a balanced fitness plan is the key to overall fitness, and cross-training can help you achieve that balance.

Cross-training has helped me reach a fitness level that I hadn't previously thought possible! And who doesn't want to be more fit and healthy—or have more energy and freedom to enjoy the activities they love the most? I strongly believe that when you're fit and healthy, your life is happier and filled with more vitality!

What Exactly Is Cross-Training?

At its core, cross-training involves varying the exercises you complete from workout to workout. Cross-training can include almost any type of physical activity and various levels of difficulty—anything from walking to biking to intense strength exercises like plyometrics and circuit training. The main idea is to establish a well-balanced exercise regimen that includes a variety of activities. In other words, cross-training is the non-routine routine. Or, as I like to think of it, it's the Bo Jackson workout. Because let's be honest, Bo knows.


Is Cross-Training the Same Thing as CrossFit?

The CrossFit uprising in the last few years is an excellent example of an overall fitness and cross-training regimen for people who are serious about fitness. But the program isn't for the faint of heart. If you're already into CrossFit, you probably shouldn't be reading blogs; you should be eating like a caveman and doing your Workout of the Day. So what if you don't feel ready for the intensity level of CrossFit? Or maybe you want to be fit without paying through the nose for it. Well, I have some good news. Cross-training can be customized to your abilities and fitness level, and in most cases you can cross-train without any equipment or expensive gym memberships.


Why Cross-Train?

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Cross training is great for people who are striving to improve their overall health and fitness and for people who want to really push themselves to be better all-around athletes. With cross-training, you work different muscle groups each day, which gives your muscles sufficient time to recover. Doing the same activity (and therefore using the same muscles) for months and months may be beneficial if you're preparing for a competition in that activity, but the repetition may also lead to muscle imbalances and overuse injuries. Doing the same activity may also reduce your overall level of fitness because when you repeat the same limited movements, over time your body becomes extremely efficient at those movements and your conditioning level can plateau.

With cross-training, you're continually challenging your body with different movements, and because you're regularly varying your activities, you're strengthening your muscles, tendons, and joints in different ways. Cross-training not only removes the boredom that comes from doing the same gym routine day in and day out but also allows you to achieve unparalleled levels of all-around fitness. When you have balanced fitness, you can be active and strong in any activity you choose. So, whether your goal is to be more competitive at your favorite sport, decrease vulnerability to injuries, reduce long-term health risks, or increase energy, cross-training is the answer.

What Are the Benefits of Cross-Training?

I've already mentioned some of the benefits of cross-training, but here's a final summary—and why you should start cross-training today:

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  • Reduces the risk of injury
  • Prevents mental burnout from a repetitive routine
  • Promotes flexible workout plans
  • Minimizes exercise boredom
  • Improves agility, flexibility, and balance
  • Provides full-body conditioning
  • Promotes a high level of all-around fitness and ability
  • Promotes muscle growth
  • Allows muscles to recover while other muscles groups are being worked
  • Increases energy and vitality
  • Makes fitness more fun and invigorating
I hope you're ready and willing to improve your lifestyle through cross-training. Be sure to come back next Monday to find out how to get started and to learn some great workouts for your cross-training program.

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