Black Bean Veggie Burger [Recipe Video]

black bean veggie burger

Black Bean Veggie Burger

Get the full recipe on the Blendtec Recipes page. Whether you're a vegetarian or not, this meatless burger is sure to please. It's a great alternative to hamburger meat with little saturated fat and no cholesterol. Try it with fresh salsa and avocado as toppings.


1 tsp olive oil
½ cup mushrooms, washed and roughly chopped
½ cup corn kernels
¼ cup bell pepper, roughly chopped
¼ cup onion, roughly chopped
1 cup fresh spinach, lightly packed
½ tsp garlic powder
¼ tsp kosher salt
¼ tsp ground black pepper
⅛ tsp ground paprika
1⁄16 tsp ground cayenne pepper
1⁄16 tsp hickory or mesquite all-natural liquid smoke, optional
2 tbsp rolled oats
½ tbsp flaxseed
1 tbsp water
¾ cup black or pinto canned beans, rinsed
⅓ cup cooked brown rice

Sauté vegetables in oil and seasonings until softened and set aside. Add oats and flaxseed to Twister jar and place Twister lid on jar. Hold Twister lid and with other­­ and press "Speed Up" to Speed 2, run for 10-12 seconds and press "Pulse" to stop. Add water, beans and rice to jar and place Twister lid on jar. Hold Twister Lid and with other hand press "Pulse" 6-8 times. Add sauteed vegetables to Twister jar and place lid on jar. Hold Twister lid and with other hand press "Pulse" 6-10 times until desired consistency is reached. Remember to turn Twister Lid counter-clockwise during blending.

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  • Dan

    Looks awesome. I’m going to try this one.

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