7 Powerful Health-Boosting Foods

7 powerful health boosting foods

Let’s be honest—at one time or another, we’ve all wanted to have super powers, whether it be superhuman strength, speed, or healing. Well, I don’t have the secret to getting superhuman powers, but I definitely do know how to feel strong and healthy in general, have greater endurance, and recover quickly from intense workouts.

When I tell people I run 80+ miles a week, they stare at me and wonder where I get the energy. It’s pretty simple, really: I focus on eating power-packed, health-boosting foods. In general, you can’t go wrong by eating a wide variety of produce and other unprocessed ingredients. For an extra helping of nutrients that might help you feel like you have super powers, incorporate the following standout foods into your daily diet.

Infographic of 7 Powerful Health-Boosting Foods

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