5 Fantastic Smoothies For Your Heart

5 heart smart smoothies

February is appropriately associated with matters of the heart mainly due to Valentines Day, but it's also the month that is widely recognized for causes related to heart disease and other heart related ailments.

While you celebrate next week with your significant other (or even if you love to loathe that day), we have 5 healthy smoothies for your heart that you can enjoy anytime! So take these recipes, pin them to Pinterest and drink up...Your heart will will thank you for it! We've also provided links to each recipe located below the graphic!

KSL Brandview recipes-infographic FINAL                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Green Flaxy
Healthy Start Smoothie
Fudgesicle Frosty
Orange Julicious
Green Monster Smoothie  

Source: KSL


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  • Carole Grant

    I am not a fan of smoothies but I will try to do this at home since I want to have a healthy lifestyle starting this year and hoping the year ends I can lose weight.

  • Cecelia McIlvoy

    I bought my first Blendtec five days ago. I really it. Looking for lots of recipes.

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