Tomato Vegetable Juice Recipe

Tomato Vegetable Juice Recipe-Blendtec

This is a low-sodium, fresh tomato and vegetable juice you can enjoy every day — morning, noon, and night. We know that many people are looking for the health benefits of a vegetable juice, but don't necessarily want it to taste like the typical green, leafy vegetable smoothie. 

With that in mind, we have created a healthy, tasty alternative. From pulling the ingredients together to throwing them in the blender, this tomato vegetable juice recipe can be prepared in about two minutes total. There are just eight ingredients, and it's an easy way to load up on important vitamins at any point in your day. 

Mix It Up

In addition to enjoying this tomato and vegetable juice to improve your health, it can also serve as a great bloody mary recipe. Simply add some vodka and enjoy!



  • Nita

    Its beat to leave tomatoes on counter until they are a nice deep red. They will have more flavor and the juice will look more appealing. Removing the white core also keeps the final juice intensely colored. Great base recipe to add your own touches to.

  • JanC

    Put tomato’s in boiling water for few sec easy to peal must drink cold

  • Victor

    When you say half a green onion is it the green part, the white part or do I slice it long wise and get a half with both?I
    Sorry I don’t know…….

  • tel

    Oh my god just made this really looking
    forward to it made me feel ill as i was drinking it, not for me.

  • Mart

    No ice?

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