Hydrating Green Juice

hydrating green juice

By Daedra Suroweic of Strawesome

I’m a huge fan of green smoothies but I prefer my smoothies to be a bit more refreshing and more like a green juice than a thick, muddy beverage. This green smoothie (or what I like to call a “Juicy”) is a great way to get many good nutrients into your body while tasting the deliciousness of the fruity ingredients instead of the healthy stuff! There are a few unique ingredients of this smoothie that play key roles in our health. Many smoothie recipes these days call for a banana—and with good reason. A banana’s potassium alone is so good for our bodies.

Unfortunately, I have an allergic reaction to bananas and can’t digest them…but I still need all the potassium of a banana. So I’ve added coconut water to this recipe. A medium banana has 420mg of potassium while one cup of coconut water has 440mg of potassium. Coconut also hydrates like many sports drinks do, all those great electrolytes, but without all the added sugar and dyes. I’ve added aloe vera juice to this recipe as another secret ingredient. Many are familiar with the benefits to our skin when using aloe vera juice externally, but what happens when it’s used internally? How about aiding in digestion, supporting the immune system, soothing stomach irritation, improving joint function, and promoting circulation!

hydrating green juice

Lastly, the lesser known powdered gelatin. You may think of gelatin as a certain brand name fruity dessert, but the brand I use is very different from the popular dessert! Great Lakes Gelatin is a hydrolyzed collagen that has a unique combination of amino acids in concentrated levels that promotes healing in the body. Hydrolyzed means it won’t congeal and is quickly assimilated in the body for easy digestion. Gelatin is best known for the benefits it provides in joint care.

Collagen is also important for nitrogen balance, and is now considered an anti-aging product because it prevents age-related cartilage damage and collagen loss. If you’re suffering from gut issues, gelatin can help heal your gut. Adding gelatin into your diet can help you sleep! Since I started using gelatin I’ve noticed my skin is clearer, my hair is thicker and my nails are stronger. I’m starting to be able to eat food I couldn’t eat before without an, so I’m forever grateful for this ingredient!

Now go throw some kale in a blender along with these other amazing ingredients and see how your body will thank you! And if you hate dishes as much as I do, stick a Strawesome Blender Smoothie Straw in your blender and avoid cleaning yet another glass! Please note: I’m not a doctor, nor do I play one on TV. These statements are not approved by the FDA.

hydrating green juice

Hydrating Green Juice

(makes 4 cups)


1 cup coconut water
½ cup of aloe vera juice
2 handfuls of fresh, clean kale
1 nectarine with pit removed
2 tbsp powdered gelatin (I like to use a high quality gelatin like Great Lakes Gelatin)
1 cup of green grapes


Add ingredients into Blendtec container in order shown and blend until smooth.  

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Daedra Surowiec is the life behind her company, Strawesome. Her creativity and love for art combined with passion for health and the environment has landed her the business of her dreams. You can learn more about Daedra on her “Meet the Artist” page, plus follow her blog to stay in touch with everything Strawesome.



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