Homemade Marshmallow Whip

homemade marshmallow whip

By Nicholas Kowalski of NicksFit

Sometimes you never really know where inspiration will come from. I remember during my days of dieting for competitive physique shows my training partner would tantalize us both with ideas of wild food creations. I specifically remember one famous recipe idea he would pull out just to make me laugh. His fantasy food recipe (that he never actually made) was two slices of Wonder Bread with peanut butter and marshmallow whip spread in between.

With several straight weeks consuming nothing but veggies and lean protein, this is the type of thinking you’ll find in your average foodie. Over the years my tastes for food have refined. I no longer diet and instead consider myself a connoisseur of quality. You may consider me a “qualitarian.” Currently, I have been having a whole lot of fun taking some childhood favorites and turning them into masterpieces. It wasn’t until recently I decided to attempt to actually recreate this joke of a recipe into something wholesome.

I’m still working on making a healthy white bread; however, the marshmallow whip I knew I could do In fact, it’s actually quite simple. With the help of your Blendtec, it’s even easier. Here’s how I make this fluffy and healthy deliciousness.

homemade marshmallow whip

Homemade Marshmallow Whip


1½ cups spring water
1 tbsp licorice root
1 tbsp marshmallow root
1 tsp ground vanilla bean
6 tbsp grass-fed gelatin
1 cup grade A maple syrup



  1. Bring spring water to a boil, add the herbs, turn down the heat, and let simmer for 10–20 minutes.
  2. Strain your herbs through a nylon strainer into your Blendtec Twister jar.
  3. Turn the Blendtec on low and start to “whip” the herbs. Both herbs are mucliage's, meaning they will “gel” when whisked or mixed thoroughly. This, along with the gelatin (which you'll add later), creates the whipped texture.
  4. The next 5-10 minutes will be spent with your Blendtec on low and the lid off of the Twister jar. It can take up to 10 minutes for the gelatin to thicken up the liquid; so turn on some music and let's get to work.
  5. Slowly start adding in the gelatin one tablespoon at a time. Do not put it all in at once or it may clump.
  6. Continue until you see noticeable volume and gelling of the liquid.
  7. Add the ground vanilla bean.
  8. At this point, you can put your Twister lid on and turn it counter-clockwise. Twist until you see noticeable growth volume and gelling.
  9. Once you mixture has started to thicken, take off the Twister lid (keeping the machine on low) and slowly pour in the maple syrup. This will help cool down the mixture and cause it to start fluffing up much quicker.
  10. You'll know your whip is ready once you see that the liquid has turned white and is noticeably fluffy and increased in volume.
  11. Turn off your blender and use your Spectaculat to scrape the marshamallow whip into a mason jar for storing. Remember to lick the spatula at the end!

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