Garlic Aioli - Blendtec

Blendtec garlic aioli
Serve this garlic aioli as a dip, spread, or sauce - you can even slather it on chicken before baking.


  • archie

    Just use any blender and you will be O.K.

  • seaofstories

    I plan to try making it in the big blendtec jar. Can’t see why it wouldn’t work

  • Matt

    Blendtec relied on Facebook.

    If using the FourSide jar, try doubling the recipe. If using the WildSide jar, try tripling the recipe.

  • Emily

    Just stop the blender, scrape the sides with a spatula and mix again. You know, the old fashioned way :)

  • Grancy

    Is there a problem with using the ordinary jar? Probably not.

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