Carrot Juice [Video Recipe]

carrot juice

With the busy lives that we all lead, it can be hard to remember to eat all the fruits and veggies that we’re supposed to include in our diet. That’s why vegetable juices like carrot juice are so wonderful. You can get your daily dose of veggies in a delicious drink you can sip on for breakfast or during an afternoon snack. This carrot juice recipe is healthy, refreshing, and super delicious. 

Making carrot juice in a blender is simple and quick. Just toss the ingredients in and press the blend button. You’ll have a tasty and nutritious beverage in your hand in a couple of minutes. 

Why should you drink carrot juice?

Growing up, we were all told to eat our carrots so we could have healthy bodies and amazing vision. It’s true that carrots can help your vision and your overall health. Carrots are rich in vitamins and antioxidants that boost your health and improve your eyesight. Ok, you might not be able to see in the dark or have hawk-like vision simply by drinking carrot juice — but you will help prevent harmful eye diseases. 

Carrots are great for your eyes. The reason is that carrots contain vitamin A, which is an important vitamin for eye health. When someone has a deficiency of vitamin A, they can develop an eye disease called xerophthalmia, which can lead to night blindness or the inability to see in low light. Drink carrot juice and the likelihood of developing this disease is significantly reduced.

The antioxidants and minerals in carrots also help reduce the risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease. Carrots are known for their orange color, which comes from the pigment beta-carotene. This red-orange pigment has actually been found to reduce the risk of lung and colon cancer. You can remember this the next time you sip on bright orange carrot juice. 

Carrots’ vitamins and antioxidants can also help out the biggest organ in your body — the skin. Eating (or drinking) carrots can help your skin look healthy and glow. 

How to make carrot juice in a blender

Many people think that they need a juicer to make juice. Not so! You can also make carrot juice with a blender, and it turns out the same as with a juicer. 

The most important step when using a blender to make carrot juice is to prepare the carrots. You can use regular carrots or baby carrots for this carrot juice recipe. Wash off the carrots, peel them, and cut them into chunky pieces. 

Put the roughly chopped carrots in your blender, then add ice cubes, water, lemon juice, and fresh ginger. The zest of the ginger interacts with the sweet flavor of carrots to create the perfect taste. Blend all the ingredients together, then use a fine mesh strainer or cheesecloth bag and strainer to catch the pulp as you pour the blended mixture into a glass. 

How often should you drink carrot juice?

Although carrot juice gives you most of the benefits of carrots, you still miss out on the fiber in carrots when you blend them. Don’t completely replace your fruit and vegetable consumption with juice. Instead, have a mix of juice and whole fruit and vegetables. 

You should also be aware that it’s possible to consume too much vitamin A. Your skin could develop a slight yellow-orange tint if you consume too much of this vitamin. Usually, overconsumption of vitamin A is the result of taking too many supplements, but it can occur when you eat too many vitamin A-rich foods. To be safe, keep your carrot juice consumption to about one glass a day.

Should you boil carrots before making this carrot juice recipe? 

There are no benefits from boiling carrots before making carrot juice in your blender. Using boiled carrots for your carrot juice recipe could actually decrease the nutritional value of the juice and change the consistency of the juice. 

It’s best to use fresh, raw carrots when making carrot juice. Boiling carrots loses vital nutrients during the boiling, and when straining after pureeing. 

Carrot Juice Recipe Variations

This simple carrot juice recipe tastes incredible on its own, but it is also fun to mix it up with new flavors. Here are some additional ingredients you can add to your carrot juice. 

Carrot-Orange-Pineapple Juice

Give your carrot juice a tangy twist by adding oranges or orange juice and pineapple chunks. Your tastebuds will love this tropical recipe.The vitamin C in oranges and pineapples gives your immune system a boost. 

Weight Loss Carrot Juice

If you’re trying to slim down, add a cucumber, a stalk of celery, and one apple to your carrot juice recipe. The nutrients will improve your digestion and help burn fat. This low-calorie drink will also keep you full for a while so you don’t feel the need to raid the snack drawer as often. 

Veggie Burst Carrot Juice

Up your antioxidant intake by adding tomatoes and beetroot to your carrot juice recipe. This variation is sweet and colorful. Add some fresh basil for a refreshing aftertaste. 

Cantaloupe Detox

Cleanse your body with a sweet cantaloupe-carrot juice detox recipe. Use cantaloupe, carrots, and blueberries to blend a juice packed with essential nutrients and antioxidants. Your body will thank you for this delicious juice. 

If you try this carrot juice recipe or any of our variations, we would love to hear about your experience. Comment below to tell us what you think.

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