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Blendtec butter recipe

Butter Recipe

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This recipe allows for versatility. Use it as the base for honey butter spread on popovers, or tarragon butter slathered on steak.

Total time:  10 M 
Servings:  16
Calories:  100


  • 2 cups whipping cream

Nutritional Information

  • Serving Size: 1 tbsp.
  • Fat: 11g
  • Saturated Fat: 1g
  • Cholesterol: 40mg
  • Sodium: 10mg
  • Carbohydrates: 0g
  • Fiber: 0g
  • Sugar: 0g
  • Protein: 0g


  1. Allow whipping cream to sit out for 30–45 minutes.
  2. Add whipping cream to FourSide jar and secure lid. Blend on Speed 2 for 15–20 seconds.
  3. Use spatula to move whipped cream toward center of jar, and then secure lid. Pulse for 2–3 seconds.
  4. Use spatula to push whipped cream toward center of jar and then pulse 10–12 times.
  5. Repeat process until buttermilk separates from butter curds.

Note: Using cold cream to make butter will require more time to churn and transform to butter.


For cilantro lime butter, add ¼ cup fresh cilantro leaves, 2 teaspoons lime zest, and ½ teaspoon sea salt toward end of pulsing process. For honey butter, add ⅓ cup honey and stir or pulse into butter.

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  • Just made two kinds of butter- garlic butter and maple honey butter….we’ll see how it comes together. The garlic butter held together but the honey butter was a bit runny so we’ll see if refrigeration helps.

    I would have liked a bit clearer instructions (I’m a HORRIBLE cook and can burn water) . Sounds silly – but I didn’t know if I needed to discard the buttermilk- guess we’ll find out when I go to eat some!

    Redhead on

  • Could I use the twister jar for this?

    lutenihon on

  • Typically, you pour off the buttermilk. Also, the buttermilk needs to be washed off, otherwise the butter will quickly get rancid.

    Joshua Allen Donini on

  • Can I make a Vegan version of this? Can I use Soy Beans for the whipping cream? I love soy butter. Can I use a vegan whipping cream?

    DrMechee McGriff on

  • Yes, you can use the Twister jar for butter. Use only 1 cup of whipping cream. Add whipping cream to Twister jar, and place lid on jar. Select Speed 2, and run full cycle. While blending, turn Twister lid counterclockwise. Select Speed 2 again and run full cycle or until liquid separates from solid butter ball. While blending, turn Twister lid counterclockwise.Strain liquid from butter ball. Place ball in airtight container, or wrap tightly in plastic. Butter will keep for 3 days in refrigerator.

    Blendtec on

  • can I use the wild side jar for this?

    KF on

  • How do you select spees two?

    melissa on

  • To make butter with the WildSide jar, we recommend increasing the whipping cream to 3 cups and adjusting the blend time to get desired result.

    Blendtec on

  • Why would this only last three days?

    Melissa Harwood on

  • To select Speed 2, you push the arrows on the Classic Series Total Blender up to Speed 2, or on the Designer Series you push the second "square" on the slider.

    Blendtec on

  • what do you mean by ‘run full cycle’? I have the designer 625, if you select speed 2, it will keep running until you manually turn it off

    Lisa on

  • Some lactose and milk proteins can remain and ferment which would cause it to spoil in a short time.

    Blendtec on

  • Full cycles are 50 seconds on older models but are 180 seconds on the 625 so run it on yours for 50 seconds.

    Blendtec on

  • Can I use the wildside jar for this?

    dria on

  • sorry someone asked if you can do this is the twister jar but if you put whipping cream in that it would fly out the sides of the container no? the lid isn’t a tight seal like the wildside jar, I found this out while trying to mix up a runny ice cream.

    Mf on

  • I have the classic 570 with the wild side jar and I am wondering about the speed conversions on these recipes I’m a little upset that the book I got has all the old versions instead of the ones for my machine

    Sprtbrat chef on

  • Nevermind, found the answer

    dria on

  • No, because science.

    SparklingCactus on

  • We’re sorry it’s frustrating. We’re working on updating the recipes on the site. We have some blend cycle conversions listed here that should help: http://www.blendtec.com/blo…

    Blendtec on

  • Was not successful in making the butter, although I followed the instructions to a T. The cream would stop processing almost immediately after pushing the pulse button. Kept trying but the Blendtec won, I threw the cream out!

    R on

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