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Banana Bread Recipe

Posted by Guest Blogger on

banana bread recipe

By Natalie Dalpias of The Creative Mom

A while back, my brother shared some banana bread with me that was SO moist, dense, and delicious. Right then I knew I needed that recipe. When he told me he made the bread with his BLENDER, I didn't believe him. I thought there was no way you could make bread batter with a blender—but boy I was wrong! Not only can you make bread with a Blendtec blender, but also it’s SUPER easy and quick.

Since I learned about making bread batter with my Blendtec, I have put it to the test and have fallen in love with making all sorts of things like pancake batter, crepes, and even brownie or cake batter! This banana bread recipe is one of my very favorites—and I can whip it up in just a few minutes. No more mashing bananas, sifting flour, or whisking batter to try to get the lumps out.

My Blendtec takes care of all of that for me. It’s quick, easy, and a lot less messy than any bread recipe I've ever used. I usually whip up a few batches when I make it so I can deliver a hot loaf of bread to my neighbors or grandparents (and still keep a loaf for myself). This recipe is a crowd pleaser. I hope your family loves it just as much as mine does!

banana bread

Banana Bread


2 ripe bananas (approx. 1 cup, mashed)
12 cup low-fat vanilla yogurt
34 cup granulated or turbinado sugar
14 cup coconut oil
6 eggs
12 tsp vanilla extract
112 cups all-purpose or whole wheat flour
1 tsp baking soda
1 tsp kosher salt
½ cup walnuts (optional)
½ cup chocolate chips (optional)


  1. Preheat oven to 350° F.
  2. Add bananas, yogurt, sugar, oil, eggs, and vanilla to WildSide+ jar. Secure lid and select Batters/Dips, or blend on a Medium to Medium-Low speed for 30 seconds.
  3. Add flour, baking soda, and salt to jar and secure lid. Press Pulse 3–5 times or until dry ingredients are incorporated; do not over-blend.
  4. Add chocolate chips or walnuts if desired, and press Pulse twice to blend.
  5. Pour batter into greased loaf pan. Use 1 (one) 9-x-5 inch loaf pan and bake for 50–60 minutes. Or use 4 (four) mini 5-x-3 inch loaf pans and bake for 25–30 minutes.

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  • It’s 3-5 button presses, happy blending!

    Jessica Andreasen on

  • Just tried this one and the one with 2 eggs and will try a side by side taste test! One question, is the pulse 3-5 times the same as holding pulse for 3-5 seconds or is it more of a 3-5 button presses.

    Howard on

  • This recipe sounds great! What can I substitute the yogurt with? Thanks!

    Ruth on

  • Hi Ruth,
    1/2 a banana is a great substitute for the yogurt.

    Kelli Farley on

  • Hi Julie,
    Yes, you will need 6 eggs for this recipe.

    Kelli Farley on

  • Hi Melissa,
    This recipe really does call for 6 eggs.

    Kelli Farley on

  • Hi Leslie,
    Yes, 6 eggs is correct. Seems a little overkill, but it works! :)

    Kelli Farley on

  • You can use Greek yogurt in place of the low-fat vanilla yogurt. It may change the flavor of the bread a little bit, but not much.

    Kelli Farley on

  • This recipe is excellent, the bread smells and tastes very good.
    I’ve cooked this so many times, now even my son has learned how to cook it himself. He has used it as a snack or as a gift for any party he is invited to.
    It’s so easy to make

    Lillian on

  • Is that really meant to be six eggs!? Most banana bread recipes have one or two so I’m thinking maybe that’s a typo?

    Melissa on

  • Thanks for sharing Bonnie. Let us know how it turns out.

    Kelli Farley on

  • The WildSide+ jar is our new and improved jar. If you have the older WildSide jar, you can use that as well.

    Kelli Farley on

  • This recipe looks quick to make and sounds really good with walnuts and chocolate chips. Do you think you can replace the WW flour with coconut flour?

    Keri on

  • Hi Blendtec,
    I have made many different banana bread recipes before, and don’t recall having to add more than 2 eggs per loaf, and sometimes 3 eggs for 2 loaves (9×5).
    Can you please confirm if this recipe (for 1 9×5 loaf) actually calls for 6 eggs, or if it is a typo.
    Thanks… and keep blending!! :)

    Leslie on

  • Hi there,
    I bake a lot . I was interested in trying your recipe , but does it really need 6 eggs with less than 2 cups flour.

    Julie on

  • To make this healthier and vegan, I am going to substitute 10 oz silken tofu for the yogurt and eggs, 3T Bob’s Mill egg replacer for the eggs, nut oil (probably walnut) for the coconut oil, and leave out the choc chips. If too thick, 1T at a time of vanilla soy milk to get batter consistency. Bake until knife test comes out dry.

    Bonnie on

  • Is there a Gluten Free variation of this recipe?
    My husband has Celiac Disease so being GF is required.

    Dolores Gelb on

  • what do you mean by wildside+jar

    Farida on

  • Hi Steve,
    We are in the works on a Blendtec Recipe app. You can learn more here.

    Kelli Farley on

  • Just whipped up a loaf and it was quick and easy. Very good and my wife loved it as well. Thanks for the recipe.

    Gordon on

  • Love all the recipes, but couldn’t find the Blendtec “Recipe” App (hint, hint) for iPhone or iPad.


    Steve on

  • Hi Keri,
    You can use coconut flour in place of the whole wheat flour. However, you cannot trade it straight across. Coconut flour is very absorbent, so you don’t need to use as much. You will also need to include more liquid to the recipe. Here are some great tips from Nourished Kitchen on using coconut flour.

    Kelli Farley on

  • I too am confused about the number of eggs. The recipe on BlendTec.com (not the blog) shows only two eggs.

    Which one is correct?

    Ella on

  • Hi Ella,
    These are two different banana bread recipes. This one is from Blendtec and this one was submitted by a guest blogger. We wanted to offer two different options for our customers to try out.

    Kelli Farley on

  • Looks delicious! We LOVE banana bread at our house, can’t wait to try this. I just have one question as to the recipe, can Greek yogurt be substituted for the low fat vanilla yogurt listed? Just curious about the consistency, wondered if you might have experimented yourself. Thank you!

    Elizabeth on

  • Hi Dolores,
    You can substitute any GF flour in place of the flour in this recipe. It may come out differently and will probably not rise as well. It may take some trial and error to get it right. Also, here’s a great gluten-free recipe you could try out, Apple Cider Donut Muffins.

    Kelli Farley on

  • Recipe looks good

    Anette on

  • I used greek maple banana yogurt worked just fine. One the single serving 5.3ounce containers.

    yvette on

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