Apricot Freezer Jam

apricot freezer jam

Enjoy summer fruit all year round with this quick-and-easy freezer jam. Remember, when you've opened a new jar, start thawing the next jar in the refrigerator - this jam moves fast!

Works best with:


  • Sherry

    this looks great – do you think I could substitute xylitol for a healthier sweetener option, without interfering with the gelling quality of the pectin?

  • cynthia

    I love apricots – and know they are so good for you – does anyone know how this might make up without the sugar – could honey be substituted?? that’s my question??

  • Diana Pedersen

    This is very good jam! Very easy.

  • Diana Pedersen

    This is very good jam

  • Cooking Mama

    Has anyone ever substituted the apricots with strawberries?

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