Who Makes the Safest Blender?

High-speed blenders have earned their rightful place as one of the most versatile tools in the kitchen. Their exceptionally powerful motors, professional jar geometry, and ability to quickly create nutritious foods have made high-powered blenders indispensable to consumers who want to embrace a healthier lifestyle.

However, recent blender recalls due to breaking blades have called into question the safety of many leading brands. Most high-speed blender blades spin faster than 200 miles per hour, which gives these blenders the power needed to blend nuts, frozen fruits and vegetables, ice, and more.

However, the article “Why Do So Many Calphalon, Vitamix, and Frigidaire Blenders Have Defective Blades?” highlights the safety issues many leading brands pose for consumers.

At Blendtec, safety is our top priority. A passion for safety is what prompted our popular Will It Blend? video series. By blending hard things over the years, we have developed unbreakable and  unbeatable blenders. When choosing a safe blender for your home, complete these three simple steps:

  • Search online for safety recalls. Manufacturers are required to report their safety recalls to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission. Blendtec blenders have never been recalled.
  • View the product before you purchase it. Pay attention to the blade thickness. In general, a thicker blade is a safer blade. Blendtec blades are nearly twice as thick as competing blades.
  • Choose a blender with at least a 1500-watt motor. Typically, the larger the motor, the thicker the blade. Smaller blender motors have only enough power to spin smaller, thinner blades—the kind of blades that are most likely to break. Blendtec’s blender motors start at 1560 watts.

You can learn more about the recent recalls here:
Blender Recalls
Vitamix Container Blade Recall

If you have been injured by any product, please report the issue to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission. If the issue was caused by a manufacturing problem, the commission will contact the manufacturer and make sure the issue is rectified.  

Note: Blendtec has created a Vita-Mix replacement jar that will work on all Vita-Mix blenders sold since 1993. Now the world's safest jar can be used on your Vita-Mix.


  • Dominic

    I saw this post and am under the same opinion against plastic jars. One major concern is the chipping of glass. Despite how strong the Pyrex type jars are there is still the potential to chip. Why not provide an accessory stainless steel jar? This avoids glass breakage and would be quite stylish with the stainless steel motor casing designs. I have yet to purchase a blendtec because of the plastic jar, but would certainly purchase one if a stainless steel jar was available.

  • Sarah

    JP, I found out the hard way that, these days, Pyrex is just a brand, and that their glass is now tempered soda-lime. Borosilicate is the glass that Pyrex used to use, and which can withstand greater temperatures and temperature shifts more safely.

  • Kelli Farley

    Hi Sarah,
    That is a misprint and should say 2014. I’ve let our sales team know about the issue and they are getting it fixed.

  • Robert

    Bad idea Jeff. Glass and quick temperature changes don’t mix. Additionally, this blender is no slouch when it comes to speed and power, if you mix high torque spinning steel with shattered glass you have the elements of a deadly concoction in the making.

    There is no proof or indication that hot liquids will make the current containers fail, nor have my soups or hot liquids ever caused a leak in any of my containers.

    This would be filed under “non starter” and potential health risk.

  • Sarah Lopez

    My husband and I purchased a Blendtec Wildside at a Sam’s Club near our home today. We want to take advantage of the Sam’s Club Mail-In Rebate that is valid from November 1, 2013- January 31, 2014. However when we printed the Mail-In Rebate form we noticed that it states “Request Must be postmarked by Feb. 28, 2013”, which isn’t possible since the rebate wasn’t even offered until November of 2013.

    We are assuming this was a misprint and should read "Request Must be postmarked by Feb. 28, 2014, not 2013. Can you please confirm this?

    Here is the rebate form link:


    Thank you! :)

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