What Makes a High Power Blender?

high power blender


High power blenders have been around for many years now and you may be wondering what the difference is between these and regular blenders. The biggest difference is the power output. High power blenders can do what a normal blender can do, but better. They will also generally last longer than regular blenders. High power output sounds great, but what does it actually mean? We’ve provided some info to help you decide if a high power blender is right for you. 

Advantages of High Power Blenders

High power blenders are very fast. You no longer need to chop or peel your ingredients before adding them to your blender. They will be ground, chopped, or pureed in just a matter of seconds. 

Some additional advantages of high power blenders include:

  • Can be used in place of other appliances such as coffee grinders and food processors
  • Foods are pureed to a smooth consistency
  • Chops, grinds, or pulverises even the hardest foods

High speed blenders can be used for:

  • Turning nuts into nut milks
  • Making smooth and creamy smoothies from unpeeled raw vegetables and fruits
  • Making dough and batters
  • Creating hot soup from raw vegetables
  • Milling flour
  • Making nut butters
  • Shredding fruits and vegetables
  • Grinding coffee beans


As we mentioned above, power is probably the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about high power blenders. A high-powered blender has 1,000 to 1,560 watts of power. For comparison, here are a few common appliances and their average wattage:

Wattage Table

High wattage gives high power blenders the ability to do things that other blenders can't do.


High power blenders have many more capabilities than an ordinary blender. Most ordinary blenders can handle soft fruit for smoothies and a few food processing tasks. A high power blender can do more than most people can imagine. Heating soup in a blender is not something that people usually consider to be in the realm of possibilities. In a high power blender, you can turn room temperature ingredients into steaming hot soup in 90–360 seconds.

Blendtec blenders can heat room temperature ingredients to 120°F in 90 seconds; other brands of blenders take about 6 minutes. Grinding grains and coffee beans are other options in a high power blender. Just add 1½ cups of wheat or other grain to a high power blender, and blend on high speed. In a matter of seconds, you’ll have fresh-ground flour. With the increasing prevalence of gluten-free diets, many people are using high power blenders to make their own gluten-free flours. The process is just as simple for grinding coffee.

Here are just a few other examples of what a high power blender can make: bread dough, milk shakes, ice cream, fruit smoothies, green smoothieswhole juice, pancakes, dips and almond milk. But that's really just the beginning—the options are almost limitless when it comes to what you can make in a high power blender. 

Technology Blendtec introduced many of the technologies you see in the high end blender market today. For example, we developed blend cycles over 30 years ago. Our blend cycles are microprocessor controlled and are designed specifically for the type of recipe you are making.  Simply push the "Smoothie" button if you want to make a smoothie. Push the "Ice Cream" button to make ice cream (the fastest ice cream you'll ever make, by the way).

Blend Cycles

Another technology found in high-powered blenders is a capacitive touch interface.

Blendtec introduced this technology for two reasons: (1) We wanted to introduce a user interface that is beautiful and intuitive, and (2) without buttons and knobs, this interface is incredibly easy to clean. Capacitive Touch


High power blenders come with a high price tag, so it's understandable that a potential buyer would want to feel confident the blender will last for a long time. The industry standard for high power blender warranties is 7 years, but at Blendtec we offer an 8 year warranty on all high power blender motor bases. Such warranties usually cover everything but wear and tear and user damage. A normal blender usually has a warranty of 1 year or less.

Why Should You Care?

All the bells and whistles included with high power blenders can make it easy for you to add more fruits and vegetables to your diet—and live healthier in general. Hundreds of people regularly reach out to Blendtec after purchasing our high power blenders to let us know they use their blenders to maintain healthier lifestyles. But living healthier isn't the only benefit. We help you live simpler and have more time for the people and things you love, because our blenders are easy to use, cut down food-preparation time to minutes—if not seconds—and are easy to clean. What characteristics do you think separate high power blenders from regular blenders?


  • Kelli Farley

    Hi Suzanne,
    Both the Classic 475 and Classic 570 are great blenders and will blend what ever recipes you are wanting to do.

  • Suzanne

    SAMs had a blendtEc model 1475 for $199.99. Costco ran a special for $249.00 for the 1570 watts. Does that much wattage make a big difference.? I am tired of having to chunk things down in my oster blender and saw a demonstration at Costco I am wondering if that much wattage is worth $50 more dollars.

  • Nathan Hirst

    Yes, you are able to grind rice and wheat in this machine. Simply place about 1 1/2 cups in your jar, speed up to speed 7 and allow it to run for about 60 seconds. It will cloud your jar slightly, but it should grind wheat and/or rice perfectly.

  • Anna

    I just bought a new commercial SpaceSaver Blendtec blender and came up with the question to you: can I grind the rice or wheat using the speed 7 of my machine? I just realized it has only 7 speeds.
    Thank you in advance

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