The Purpose of the Cycle Counter

the cycle counter

When Blendtec first went into the blender business, we only made commercial blenders. At that time, the warranty for our commercial machines was for either the number of years after purchase or the total number of blend cycles, whichever came first—similar to a car warranty that covers either so many years or so many miles, whichever comes first.

(On a related note, Blendtec recently became the only manufacturer to offer a 3-year warranty on its top commercial blenders, regardless of blend cycle count. Read about it here.)


the purpose of the cycle counter

Cycle Counter Display on Blendtec Blender

When we responded to the demand for a consumer version of our groundbreaking machine, we adapted the blender accordingly. One thing we altered was the control pad, making it more intuitive and user-friendly. The design retained the cycle count display, which ended up being a very popular feature for our home users. For many, it became a matter of pride as their blenders achieved hundreds and thousands of blend cycles, validating their decision to purchase the world's best-built blender. Just remember: The warranties on our home machines do not have a cycle restriction on them, so blend to your heart's content! How many blend cycles has your Blendtec blender achieved?


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  • George Esser

    I have had my Blendtec for 5yrs and it just burned out at 2599 cylces. I do abuse it though, stuffing it (and then some) full every day making smoothies.

  • John W

    I’m only at 160 (about 1 blend a day) but seeing numbers in the thousands gives me increased confidence in my BlendTec

  • Nancy Diaz

    I purchased my BlendTec. Used it! Loved it! Loved my baby girl more! Gifted it to her when she moved away so she could have her morning smoothies! I miss them both!!!

  • Dan

    We are at 2784 blend cycles, we use it every morning for our smoothies.

  • mark

    I think ours has over 1600 cycles on it. we use it multiple times a day

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